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DOD releases video for Space Force’s 1st birthday

U.S. Space Force commercial. (U.S. Space Force/Released)
December 21, 2020

On Sunday, the Department of Defense tweeted out a video celebrating the U.S. Space Force in its first in service since its creation Dec. 20, 2019.

“Power. Protection. Progress,” the Dod tweeted. “Happy one year anniversary to the @SpaceForceDoD. They don’t think outside the box. They think outside the atmosphere! #KnowYourMil #HBDSpaceForce.”

In its video celebrating the newest U.S. military branch’s first year in service, the DoD highlighted many of the space-based applications the Space Force protects on a day to day basis.

“Today, space is essential not only to our way of life, it’s absolutely critical to the modern way of war,” the video’s narrator states. “GPS, ATMs, cell phones, gas pumps, traffic lights, power grids, guided missiles, surveillance, [remotely piloted aircraft], ground combat control, there’s no such thing as a day without space operations, you just don’t see them.”

The video’s narrator continues, noting threats the Space Force is trusted to protect against. “Eath is only half the battle. Cyber attacks and jamming of our satellites, micro-satellites that can create a debris field. At 17,000 miles an hour, a piece of metal the size of a coin can be weaponized.”

The narrator echoed warnings about potential Russian in-orbit space weapons, which the Space Force observed earlier this year in the form of two small satellites, which orbited close to a U.S. spy satellite.

“Now is the time for a military branch with a clear and singular focus on space. A military branch that protects the hopes and dreams of America and our way of life as the space domain becomes more and more contested,” the narrator continues. “It’s time for another giant leap.”

“We aren’t just getting ready for the near-future,” the video adds. “We’re getting ready for the 22nd century. When our enemies ask “what if?,” we will have an answer. When foreign powers can build bases on the dark side of the moon, when private companies are inventing a new economy beyond our planet, we need to stay one step ahead of the future. The future is where we’ll make history.”

“We will fight in an environment with no up or down, no left or right, where there are no borders and nowhere to hide. Our Space Force is defending our country, here on Earth and wherever our mission takes us. As commerce and exploration expand, we will imagine the unimaginable, anticipate the inconceivable and prepare for the impossible. We won’t just think outside the box. We’ll think outside the atmosphere in one of the most challenging environments ever known.”