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Trump honors Americans killed by illegal immigrants with National Day of Remembrance

President Donald J. Trump, meets with Gloria Chavez, the Chief Patrol Agent, El Centro Sector for U.S. Customs and Border Protection, at border wall, April 5, 2019, in Calexico, Calif. (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)
November 02, 2020

President Trump issued a proclamation on October 30 establishing the National Day of Remembrance for Americans Killed by Illegal Aliens.

The day is meant to honor the memories of Americans whose lives were taken by criminal illegal immigrants, President Trump’s official statement read.

“As sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, and as American citizens, these precious lives are an irreplaceable piece of our national community,” the proclamation read. “We solemnly stand with their families – our Angel Families – who have endured what no American family should ever have to suffer.”

Trump said he would never rest until the border of the United States was completely secure and American communities were safe.

President Trump’s administration has build over 400 miles of wall along the Mexico border in an effort to secure the United States. Trump’s administration has also deployed roughly 4,000 National Guard to the border over the last two years and deported more than 20,000 gang members and over 500,000 criminal illegal aliens.

“Through these efforts, we are saving American lives, curbing crime, and honoring the precious lives tragically taken from us,” President Trump’s proclamation stated. “On this National Day of Remembrance, we pay tribute to the enduring memory of every American killed by an illegal alien. They will never be forgotten, and we will stand by their families and fight for a future where every American is safe.”

Mary Ann Mendoza lost her son in a head-on collision with an illegal alien drunk driver. She told Fox News that “Angel Families” appreciate President Trump’s proclamation.

“There have been many events this past year overtaking the news cycle, but unfortunately the loss of innocent Americans continues to grow daily at that hands of illegal criminals,” Mendoza told Fox News.

President Trump used the proclamation to commit to holding those illegal aliens responsible for American deaths responsible, adding all laws, including immigration laws, must be respected so “every American citizen may have a bright and prosperous future.”

“Securing our borders, not only protects Americans, but protects the vulnerable victims of human smuggling and the cartel,” Mendoza said. “It is a very lucrative business that is enriching these groups while never giving one thought to the cost of human lives and if they make it here, the burden on American taxpayers that are increasing every year.”

Another illegal immigrant who was driving without a license struck and killed the son of Don Rosenberg who told Fox News that many Americans have no idea this is a problem because the mainstream media won’t cover it.

“Unfortunately, there are too many people – because how most of the media covers illegal alien crime – that think none of it goes on,” Rosenberg said. “And when you talk about, you know, people who have been killed by illegal aliens they’ll say, ‘well, it’s terrible, but it’s only a few.’”

Rosenberg criticized news outlets like The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN and MSNBC before saying he’s grateful for President Trump’s proclamation.

“…hopefully [the National Day of Remembrance] will get some, you know, little knowledge out there because it’s incredible that nobody knows,” Rosenberg said.