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Pollsters mercilessly mocked across the spectrum: Here are the jokes and the mockery

A man walks past voting signs displayed outside a polling station.(Joshua Lott/Getty Images/TNS)
November 04, 2020

The polling industry was wildly mocked on social media as election results rolled in showing dramatically different outcomes than pollsters predicted.

Pollsters were wrong about a number of predictions, including the battleground state of Florida where Joe Biden was expected to win by 2.5 points. Trump ended up winning Florida by 3.5 points, tripling his margin of victory from 1.1 in 2016. The pollsters were off by 5 points, the New York Post reported.

Americans took to social media to vent their frustrations with the jarring differences between what was forecasted and what actually occurred.

Robby Soave, a senior editor at Reason magazine, comically tweeted, “Time to put all the pollsters on a rocket and shoot it into the sun.”

Gizmodo senior reporter Dell Cameron joined in the taunting, tweeting a made up story of a pollster that was pulled over while driving under the influence: “Yeah, but there was a .05 margin. Trust me, I’m a pollster.”

The contentious race between President Trump and Democrat candidate Joe Biden aside, Governor Greg Abbott of Texas said the “biggest losers in this election are the pollsters,” adding that they are wrong every election and “should never be believed again.”

Washington Post columnist Margaret Sullivan summarized the confusion surrounded the election with a tweet that stated, “We still don’t know much about this election — except that the media and pollsters blew it again.”

The Daily Wire mocked the pollsters failures with a tweet featuring a scene from NBC’s The Office where the characters begin to panic as smoke from a fire pours into their workplace.


Journalist and podcaster Tim Pool shared an image showing Florida, Iowa, Ohio and Texas, which all leaned heavily toward Trump, labeled as “toss ups.”

Secret Service agent turned conservative political commentator Dan Bongino called pollsters’ forecasts of a “blue wave” in the Senate “doom and gloom predictions.”