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Here are the US military’s social media posts on Election Day

November 03, 2020

As Election Day kicked off on Tuesday, the various branches of the U.S. military shared social media posts encouraging voting and reminding their service members of the do’s and dont’s of political activity in uniform.

Early on Tuesday morning, the U.S. Department of Defense tweeted, “We vote yes for more rainbows and clear skies! A @USArmy CH-47 Chinook spins up for an evening training flight just after a storm clears in Germany.”

The U.S. Coast Guard tweeted a reminder for its members to check their absentee ballots to make sure they have been received, and a link to where federal employees can check their absentee ballot status. “Happy Election Day! If you’ve sent in your absentee ballot, check its status to make sure your election office received it. Go to and select your state.”

On Monday, the day before the election, the U.S. Marine Corps shared video of training footage. “Every day is a Monday, so stay motivated Marines.#MondayMotivation.”

On Tuesday, the Marines tweeted a reminder of permitted and prohibited political activity. “Permitted and Prohibited. Marines, as you exercise your right to vote, remember these do’s and don’ts. For more information, check MARADMIN 662/19 at

The Marine Corps’ post includes a graphic that lists permissible political activity, such as expressing one’s political views “without speaking on behalf of your organization” and following a political entity’s social media activities. The graphic also lists prohibited political activity, warning Marines not to participate in partisan political funding, display large political signage at their residence on a military installation or privatized military housing or to suggest that others should like, or support specific political candidates.”

The post by the Marines is in line with military guidelines prohibiting certain political activities.

The Army similarly tweeted out a reminder on its “Think, Type, Post” policy regarding social media activity for its members.

The Army tweeted, “#ThinkTypePost. Your actions affect your career and the @DeptofDefense online just as much as they do in person. Here are some department issued guidelines for active-duty service members, active-duty National Guardsmen, and federal employees.”

The Army post includes several graphics which state active-duty Army personnel can donate, sign petitions or express their political opinions when they are off-duty but cannot post, share or link to material from a partisan political party, group or candidate even when they are off-duty.

The Army post further advises Army civilians can post partisan political content online and follow political candidates and organizations when they are off-duty but not while they are on-duty or with an account that is used for official Army business. Army civilians are also not allowed to refer to their title or position when engaging in political activity online and cannot suggest others make contributions to political causes, whether on or off duty, or link to a political contribution page, or like, share or retweet a solicitation, including an invitation to a political fundraising event.

The Army also retweeted further guidance, shared by the U.S. Army Europe, regarding political activity. The U.S. Army Europe tweeted, “It’s election season! Remember: @USArmy & @DeptofDefense have expectations for the way service members conduct themselves! Read more here:”

The U.S. Navy, Air Force, and the newly formed Space Force have not shared specific election related posts on Tuesday.

The newly formed Space Force, on Monday, tweeted video from a recent intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) test launch it participated in along with the Air Force. The new U.S. military branch said, “Teamwork makes the #space dream work! #SemperSupra #GT233.”

The U.S. Navy tweeted photos of joint training alongside the Marines and Coast Guard. “Teamwork 💪 #USNavy #Sailors, @USMC, and @USCG conduct boarding procedures training aboard the Military Sealift Command dry cargo and ammunition ship #USNSMatthewPerry (T-AKE 9) in the U.S. 5th Fleet area of operations.”

The Navy also tweeted photos from training with the Japanese Self-Defense Force. “Keen Sword. Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force personnel and @USMC work together during #KeenSword2021. Keen Sword is a series of joint/bilateral training exercises designed to increase combat readiness and interoperability of Japan Self-Defense Force and U.S. forces.”

The Air Force tweeted about routine operations taking place during the day.

“hree KC-10 Extender tanker aircraft executed @CENTCOM Air Tasking Order sorties while transiting between the USCENTCOM and @US_EUCOM areas of responsibility during an overnight extended mission. #ReadyAF,” the Air Force tweeted.

U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM), which oversees military operations in the Middle East also tweeted about ongoing operations in its mission area.

CENTCOM tweeted, “#Soldiers and Bradley fighting vehicles in NE #Syria continue to patrol to ensure the lasting defeat of #Daesh and provide security and stability to the region @CJTFOIR @SOJTFOIR.”

The U.S. Indo Pacific Command (INDOPACOM) tweeted, “1st Battalion, @USARPAC Soldiers with 1st Air Defense Artillery Regiment conduct missile reload rehearsals of the Patriot Advanced Capability as part of Air Defense battle drills during #KeenSword. #FreeandOpenIndoPacific

INDOPACOM also tweeted, “A @RoyalAustralianNavy helicopter from Australia’s HMAS Ballarat takes off from the flight deck of @USPacificFleet guided-missile destroyer USS John S. McCain in the Andaman Sea. #FriendsPartnersAllies #FreeandOpenIndoPacific.”

The U.S. Cyber Command (CYBERCOM) tweeted, “We are ready: @US_CYBERCOM, @NSAGov, @CISAgov and @FBI have worked tirelessly to defend our nation’s democratic processes from foreign threats. #Election2020 #Protect2020.”

The U.S. National Security Agency tweeted, “We’ve been working 24/7 to keep your #vote free from foreign interference on this #ElectionDay.”

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) tweeted multiple videos of acting DHS secretary Chad Wolf, regarding voting and election security.

“.@DHS_Wolf lays out what the federal govt has done to secure #ElectionDay: “We began laying the groundwork to secure this year’s election long ago by engaging in an unprecedented level of effort across the U.S. government with our state, local, and private sector partners.”

The DHS tweeted, “‘Rest assured however our partners at the state & local level are working around the clock to make sure each vote is counted properly, but it’s important to recognize this process may require time.’ @DHS_Wolf explains the importance of patience in waiting for election results.”

“‘Voting is a sacred right afforded to every American and we at DHS are proud to defend that right from any foreign influence that would seek to compromise it,’ says @DHS_Wolf. This #ElectionDay, DHS is committed to ensuring that only American voters decide American elections.”