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44% of Biden voters cast vote ‘against’ Trump, rather than in support of the Democratic nominee, exit polls suggest

Trump and Biden (Andrea Widburg/Flickr)
November 05, 2020

Recent exit polling data from Morning Consult suggests 44% of Biden voters cast their votes for the Democratic nominee as a vote “against” Trump, rather than in support of the former vice president.

As the 2020 Presidential election results pour in, Morning Consult is conducting exit polls to provide context for voter’s decisions in the monumental election.

Data collected lists COVID-19, economic recovery, and health care as the issues dominating the election, with Joe Biden’s voters twice as likely as Trump’s voters to say their vote was more against the opponent.

Only 22% of Trump’s supporters say their vote was mostly against Biden, the data suggests.

“When it comes to what voters are looking for, Biden’s backers were most likely to prioritize judgment, stability, honesty and trustworthiness in their choice for president, while Trump’s supporters elevated judgment, mental fitness, effectiveness and strong leadership,” Morning Consult writes.

Controlling the spread of COVID-19 and revitalizing economic recovery from the pandemic were “very important” factors for both Democratic and Republican voters.

Exit poll data suggests 93% of Biden supporters and 59% of Trump supporters considered controlling the spread of COVID-19 as a very important issue when voting.

But the two camps strayed on issues from there, including universal health care coverage, climate change and racial inequality.

Polling suggests 83% of Biden supporters considered universal health care an important issue compared to 43% of Trump’s supporters.

One of the largest differences between the two camps was climate change. About 19% of Trump supporters said addressing climate change was an important issue to them compared to 74% of Biden’s supporters.

Trump voters, data suggests, also overwhelmingly voted in support of reducing the number of immigrants allowed entrance into the country and building a U.S.-Mexico border wall, compared to Biden voters.

A greater disparity between the two camps was displayed in their views of systemic racism in the U.S.

Over half of Biden supporters said racial discrimination in the country is systemic, and only 16% of Trump supporters agreed.

“Trump voters, on the other hand, were 24 points more likely than Biden voters to align with the view that discrimination in the United States is a product of individuals who hold racist views, 72 percent to 48 percent,” according to Morning Consult.


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