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Indian Army prepares for long winter at Line of Actual Control

Rajnath Singh during his visit to the border areas. (India's Additional Directorate General of Public Information, IHQ of MoD/Released)
September 27, 2020

With the advancement of the Indian army repositioning in the Line of Actual Control (LAC) and steady deployment of resources and assets, the final stalemated condition of the border between India and China has now taken a new shift in fortifying the eastern Ladakh region in Aksai chin.

India and China have been locked in a bitter standoff along the LAC since April-May over the transgressions by the Chinese Army in multiple areas, including the Finger area, Galwan Valley, Hot Springs of Pangong Tso Lake, and strategic passages in the border of Tibet.

As de-escalation talks between the two countries at military and diplomatic levels are making no significant headway, the Indian Army has also started growing its stockpiles of food, ammunition, fuel, and winter gear for high altitude freezing regions according to a Times Now report.

Indian troops are been provided with essential and important resources to sustain the massive force for long freezing winter times especially in the night when the temperature in the LAC region of Ladakh drops at freezing the number of sub-zero points.

Essential fuel reserve is been filled up, massive food resources including meat, staple wheat, milk, rice, etc with beverages like coffee and tea while other things like hardware tools, with the involvement of heating appliances, electronic equipment, a big shelf of basic medicines, clothes and other commodities used to sustain living in freezing regions, plus special fabric tents are being given which can sustain the internal room temperature even in extreme -40 to -50°C conditions effectively.


In the continuous tide of military mobilization and restructuring the long slumbered Line Of Actual Control has been flared up like Indo Pak Border in Kashmir. Since both sides are not ready to give up the strongholds on their own respective sides despite long series of multiple level talks and discussion to normalize the condition giving no fruitful results, India has finally accepted the current scenario as the new definition of normal in Ladakh. As we learned China is not ready to go back from Pangong Tso and Finger regions, the Indian army has decided to mobilize its troops at large numbers denying any calculated misadventure from the Chinese side.

Recently Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh briefed the nation about the Ladakh standoff with assuring the citizens that India is not in any condition to give up on the rightful land.