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China ‘configuring its military to kill Americans,’ China analyst Gordon Chang warns

Soldiers of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff/WikiCommons)
September 08, 2020

China analyst Gordon Chang warned in an interview with Fox News on Monday that China is “configuring its military to kill Americans.”

Speaking with Fox’s “Bill Hemmer Reports,” Chang warned that Chinese leader Xi Jinping has increasingly referenced a “mandate of heaven to rule the entire world.” Chang said Xi and other Chinese officials have invoked the idea of global domination and said they believe “they not only have the right to do it, they have the obligation to do it.”

Chang’s warnings about the threat China’s military poses to Americans come just days after the Pentagon issued a new report in which it found China’s navy has surpassed that of the U.S. Navy and the country is on track to double its arsenal of nuclear weapons within ten years. The Pentagon report also determined China is trying to modernize its military doctrine by 2035 and to fully transform its military units into a “world-class forces” by 2049.

In his Monday remarks, Chang said China is “trying to change the international system, not compete within it.”

Chang, who joined the Fox News program to discuss his book “The Coming Collapse of China” said China does face problems internally with its economy, environment and demographic divisions, which he believes could precipitate the country’s collapse. Chang said at the moment China has a “closing window of opportunity” to stop its political collapse and as a result, Chinese leaders have shown an increased interest in provoking conflict.

To demonstrate his point, Chang referenced reports suggesting Chinese military officials instigated a deadly June brawl between Chinese and Indian troops in a disputed border region.

“We’ve seen very provocative, very belligerent moves around China and its periphery, so clearly China’s general officers, their admirals and their generals, they want to use their new weapons and they believe they have a right to do that,” Chang said.

Chang said given the threat China’s military poses, “We should not be enriching a hostile Chinese regime with our trade and with our investment.”

“I believe that decoupling is what we absolutely have to do especially this year,” Chang said. “We saw China try to threaten to cut off pharmaceuticals and medical protective gear to the U.S. if we didn’t behave.”

In April, President Donald Trump’s White House trade advisor Peter Navarro did accuse China of nationalizing coronavirus medical supplies manufactured by U.S. companies with factories in China. The move allegedly allowed China to hoard needed medical supplies and later offer those supplies to other countries as a means of ingratiating themselves with other countries hurt by the virus outbreak.

In February, a Chinese diplomat emailed Republican Wisconsin State Senator Roger Roth, seeking his praise for China’s handling of the coronavirus and virus supplies.