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Videos/Pics: Massive explosion in Beirut takes out city blocks; cause remains unknown

Massive explosion takes place in Beirut, Lebanon on August 4, 2020. (Twitter/Released)
August 04, 2020

A massive explosion rocked Beirut, Lebanon on Tuesday, causing damage for miles.

Lebanese Health Minister Hassan Hamad said more than 25 people were dead, and over 2,500 were injured, The San Francisco Chronicle reported.

The exact cause of the explosion was not immediately clear, nor was the total extent of the damage it caused.

“BREAKING: Massive explosion rocks Beirut; reports of many injured,” BNO News tweeted with footage of the explosion.

A smoke plume could be seen rising over a building near a port in the city, before a massive explosion and soundwave is seen rippling through the city streets.

Some speculation has suggested the explosion could have been caused by an accident at a depot housing explosive materials.

“BREAKING: Major Gen. Abbas Ibrahim, director of General Security, tells Lebanese media most likely cause of massive & devastating blast in central #Beirut involves incident at depot in port where highly explosive materials had been stored,” tweeted journalist Sam Dagher. “He dismissed #Israel rocket theory.”

“Initial #Beirut port blasts don’t resemble a fireworks explosion. Resembles an arms depot going up. Those are munitions,” one Twitter user speculated, sharing video close to the source of the blast.

“Apparently an explosion broke out at port 12 #beirut,” one user tweeted.

“Just received this video!!! Everyone stay safe,” the same user tweeted with more footage of the shockwave.

“Massive explosion rocks Beirut. I checked on my family there before posting. Our house was shaking but everyone is okay,” tweeted Al-Aan TV reporter Jenan Moussa. “This is insane!”

“Destruction takes over Beirut after one of the biggest explosions to ever hit the city. #Lebanon,” tweeted, with photos of buildings damaged by the explosion.

The blast was apparently strong enough to overturn cars on a nearby highway, according to SkyNews footage.

“UPDATE: Incredible first footage coming from the docks area of Beirut, Lebanon following what remains an unexplained huge blast. Cars overturned, ‘not a window left intact’, ‘a very high number of injuries’. Captures via Sky News livestream,” a Twitter user posted.

“A large number of people are reportedly injured after a huge explosion ripped through the port area of Beirut, shattering glass for miles around,” CNN tweeted.

“#Beirut Blast, mapped on sat imagery. The shockwave was very powerful, it travelled miles,” another Twitter user posted.