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Indian forces deploy new anti-drone system during Independence Day celebrations

DJI Inspire 2 drone. (Sven Teschke/Wikimedia Commons)
August 20, 2020

India security officials used several new security measures during India’s 74th Independence Day celebrations on Aug. 15, including a new anti-drone system.

LiveMint reported that the new anti-drone system was among the Indian security measures around India’s historic Red Fort. The anti-drone system was developed by India’s Defense Research Development Organization (DRDO).

Guarding India tweeted an image of the anti-drone system on Sunday, “Exclusive: DRDO Anti Drone System That Protected PM Modi #drdo #AntiDroneSystem #NarendraModi #IndependenceDay2020.”

The system was deployed during the Indian Independence Day celebrations where its presence at the celebrations caught media attention. The system was previously deployed during India’s Republic Day celebrations on Jan. 26, which were attended by Prime Minister Modi, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and other foreign dignitaries.

The system was also deployed in Ahmedabad for the Modi-Trump roadshow where they were tasked with stopping any aerial threat from drones.

According to LiveMint, the Anti Drone System is able to detect and attack hostile mini-drones using lasers and electronic attack mechanisms. The DRDO-developed system can detect and jam micro-drones up to 3 kilometers and use the laser to bring down a drone between one and 2.5 kilometers away, depending on the wattage of the laser it is using. The system also has the ability to counteract at minimal response time on its own with threat analysis on automation. The DRDO system can also detect and identify drone threats at a moment’s notice and terminate them.

The DRDO anti-drone system successfully neutralized an incoming drone during trials.

Unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, present a security risk as they can be controlled remotely and, can be used to surveil events and can be utilized by militants to carry explosives for an attack. Anti-drone systems like the ones shown at the weekend event can be an effective counter to increased drone-based activity in India’s western border area with Pakistan and its northern border area with China, where the two countries have clashed in recent months.

With the higher count of deployments of the system by forces, it seems the equipment is galvanized step to secure the air from aerial enemy based spying network with automated ability to detect, identify, target, and neutralize the hostile drones in sophisticated measures.