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Armed mob shot at WI cop at his home, narrowly missing him, police say

Police car lights. (Alexandru Cuznetov/Dreamstime/TNS)
August 12, 2020

A group of 50 to 60 people attacked a Wauwatosa, Wisconsin police officer at his home on Saturday, firing at least one shotgun round into his home.

Officer Joseph Mensah was assaulted outside his home Saturday, according to a Wauwatosa Police Department statement posted to Twitter.

“This morning Chief Weber and City staff met to discuss the incidents that took place over the weekend involving Officer Joseph Mensah,” the Wauwatosa Police Department tweeted. “Steps have been taken to ensure the safety of Officer Mensah and the City of Wauwatosa community. This on-going investigation is urgent and is a priority to the Wauwatosa Police Department. As information is developed it will be released at a later date. Interviews and a press conference will not occur at this time.”

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported the attack began around 8:05 p.m. Saturday, according to a Wauwatosa Police Department press statement. The group reportedly organized to protest Mensah who has fatally shot three people over five the past years.

The police said, “Armed protesters approached the rear door and a single shotgun round was discharged by a member of the group into Officer Mensah’s backdoor.”

In a statement posted to Facebook, Mensah said the shotgun round fired at his home “missed me by inches.”

“Last night, protesters came to my girlfriend’s house while I was there, and tried to kill me. I was unarmed and tried to defend my property and the property of my girlfriend. We were both assaulted, punched, and ultimately shot at several times. A shotgun round missed me by inches,” Mensah said. “Not once did I ever swing back or reciprocate any the hate that was being directed at me. I am all for peaceful protests, even against me, but this was anything but peaceful. They threw toilet paper in her trees, broke her windows, and again, shot at both of us as they were trying to kill me. There are children that live there any the knew that. The irony in all of this is that they chanted Black Lives Matter the entire time, but had zero regard for any of the black children that live there or me, a black man.”

Mensah was suspended with pay by the Wauwatosa Police and Fire Commission in July and the families of those killed by Mensah reportedly plan to take legal action against the officer.

On Feb. 2, 2020, Mensah shot 17-year-old Alvin Cole in the parking lot of the Wayfair Mall. The shooting incident is still under investigation. Mensha previously fatally shot Antonio Gonzales and Jay Anderson Jr. in past incidents but those two incidents have been deemed justified self-defense by the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office.

Several protests against Mensah have taken place in recent weeks