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Video: Masked gunmen threaten Mexico City’s top police official after failed assassination attempt

Cartel members openly drive around Mexico brazenly showing off their CJNG affiliation for citizens and police to see. (News-Journal/TNS)
July 10, 2020

Three unidentified gunmen threatened and accused Mexico City law enforcement official Omar Garcia Harfuch, the recent target of failed assassination attempt, of being a “drug dealer” in a video that surfaced on social media.

The three subjects in the video are dressed from head to toe in black with bullet-proof vests and tactical uniforms. The gunmen assert that Harfuch killed one of their relatives during a raid with the Mexican military. They claim that Harfuch learned his criminal activities from his father, Mexican Army General Marcelino Garcia Barragan, who they say was a “drug lord with a badge,” and that Harfuch’s uncle, Javier Garcia Paniagua, is also a drug lord who helped Harfuch acquire lucrative government jobs.

According to Mexican news magazine Proceso, Barragan is not Harfuch’s father nor is Paniagua his uncle; rather, Barragan is Harfuch’s grandfather and Paniagua is his father.

“Your father was also dedicated to killing people, shielded as a [expletive] general,” one of the gunmen said according to Proceso. “Your father…amassed his fortune because he was paid to do special jobs, just like you do.”

The video was originally uploaded to a YouTube account that was created on June 30 without any other content. It was later removed, but was redistributed on Twitter.

Aggression towards Harfuch has been intensifying in recent weeks. In late June, hitmen allegedly from Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion targeted Harfuch with an ambush, the Associated Press reported. The “four squads” of gunmen had .50 caliber rifles, machine guns, grenades and smoke grenades.

The gunmen attacked Harfuch while he was traveling in an armed SUV. Despite the failed assassination attempt, two police officers and an innocent motorist were killed during the ambush.

“Two elements lost their life in the line of duty, our condolences for their family, they have the full support of the Mexico City government,” said Claudia Sheinbaum, CDMX Head of Government, during a news conference. “Also, our condolences to the woman who lost her life in the attack, again they all have the full support of Mexico City.”

Sheinbaum said that Mexico City police arrived on scene within minutes of the attack. Twelve gunmen were arrested at the scene and seven more were apprehended several hours after the ambush.

Harfuch later claimed via Twitter that he had been struck and injured by shrapnel, and blamed the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion for the attack.

“It was a failed operation”, Sheinbaum said of the attack. “Our secretary (Harfuch) is doing well and has more energy than before. We will not back down.”