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Kellen Giuda: On American Military News reaching 100 million readers, the news media industry and 100 years from now

Kellen Giuda - Why I founded American Military News
April 29, 2020

Reaching 100,000,000 individual readers is an exciting milestone – especially for an independent media company like American Military News. This milestone that we reached earlier this year was made possible due to the passionate people who have been part of the AMN team throughout the last five years.

Our mission at AMN is still clear and direct: to build a news media and education company that focuses on informing and educating the American public on our US military, national security and international affairs.

We are a destination for readers who aspirationally want to be kept up to date with more than just the top headlines.

Our readers care about what the world will look like in 10, 50, and 100 years.

The AMN vision is, and continues to be, to keep building a platform that brings awareness, informs and educates with a constant and steady stream of news and educational products – without an agenda.

And while the first five years have seen us build a base of reporting, readership, technology and distribution – the next five years are going to see exciting expansions to keep advancing our mission.

Our near-perfect media watchdog ratings, millions of followers, 18,000+ mobile app reviews averaging 4.7 stars out of 5 in the Apple and Google app stores, Trust Pilot and elsewhere tell us we’re on to something.

It is incredibly rewarding to know that you, our readers, find that we provide even a little bit of value in today’s noisy news media landscape.

While financially, we’re on stable footing in an extremely shaky and volatile media industry that has been cratering the past few years, we have always focused on knowing our readers and growing new experiences while not over-leveraging.

Being independent, we are more cautious with our business model in an industry that shows that even with tens of millions of dollars in venture funding, countless media companies can one day simply cease to exist.

We have continually taken our profits and invested them into areas where we think give us the best chance of building our readership and diversifying our revenue streams over the long-term.

We think slow and steady, and careful expansion, wins our particular race.

Given our mission, the largest question we have as an independent news media company is what will the world look like in 10, 50 and 100 years and will Americans be aware of how we ended up, wherever we as a nation, and a world, do end up.

Will we as journalists be free to report on the news? Will freedom of speech even exist in 20 years?

Or will have authoritarian Communists and Socialists gained power in western civilization and like in other parts of the world, jail or kill journalists looking to bring sunlight to corruption and to the dark corners within the halls of power?

Will biometric recognition, AI, DNA cataloging and real-time and predictive global surveillance curtail the freedoms we as Americans enjoy, or in some places, only once had, or will Americans be aware of enough to prevent this from happening?

This is the existential question being asked by Americans, media companies and billions of people around the world today.

Will there be a free press and universal access to information or will the press and information be controlled by a few large conglomerates, overseen by authoritarian regimes that quietly disappear brave journalists and truth tellers into the night?

100,000,000 of you are at least somewhat curious about these important questions and ended up on our pages one way or another.

I hope you’ll join us for the next five years.