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China is being sued over its handling of the coronavirus outbreak

Illustration of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus, COVID-19. (CDC/TNS)
April 02, 2020

China is being sued over its handling of the coronavirus pandemic, which has resulted in almost one million confirmed infections and almost 50,000 confirmed deaths.

Chinese President Xi Jinping and others have also been named in a complaint filed on Monday at the International Criminal Court by Freedom Watch founder Larry Klayman. The lawsuit accuses China of developing the coronavirus and it escaped from their labs, according to a press release on Wednesday.

“The ruthless communist Chinese regime, which persecutes and terrorizes its own people, must be held to account,” Klayman said of his latest suit. He earlier sued China in U.S. federal courts to pay for coronavirus damages,” Klayman said in a statement on released on Wednesday.

Klayman accused the Chinese government of being run by a “criminal regime, which arrogantly shrugs off its criminal responsibility by blaming the United States and the rest of the free world.”

“I call on lawyers in nations around the world to join our effort to punish the guilty and have them thrown in prison where they belong,” he added. “I also call on all persons of good intentions to join or follow and support our class action suit in Dallas, Texas, and I am actively amassing a team of lawyers to make sure that China, and not the American taxpayer, pay the bill for the human suffering and death which this rogue communist ‘terrorist state’ has caused. I am also assisting lawyers in other nations globally to bring similar legal actions.”

Freedom Watch also attacked the Chinese government for how it handled whistleblowers when doctors attempted to warn the world of the coronavirus’ possibility of infecting the world.

One of the early Chinese doctors who blew the whistle on the coronavirus outbreak, which originated in Wuhan, China, allegedly died from the coronavirus.

In a more recent case, another Chinese doctor has gone missing after saying boss tried to silence her early warnings about the coronavirus, raising fears that she has silently been detained by Chinese authorities, the New York Post reported.

The doctor, Ai Fen, is the head of the emergency department and pointed out that colleagues had been ill at the Wuhan hospital. Reportedly eight of them had also been reprimanded for it.  Ai’s whereabouts are currently unknown.

“Just two weeks ago the head of Emergency at Wuhan Central hospital went public, saying authorities had stopped her and her colleagues from warning the world,” 60 Minutes Australia tweeted. “She has now disappeared, her whereabouts unknown.”

Another outspoken critic of the Chinese government, Ren Zhiqiang, also went missing after he called Xi a power-hungry “clown” for his handling of the coronavirus, American Military News reported.

Ren, who was given the nickname “The Cannon” for his online outspokenness, is a wealthy Chinese real estate developer who wrote a scathing essay lambasting President Xi. He called out the Communist Party for restricting free speech during the coronavirus outbreak which he said helped its spread.