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Netflix & palm trees: Go inside the coronavirus quarantine at Travis Air Force Base

C-17 Globemaster III at Travis Air Force Base, Calif. (Robert Couse-Baker/Flickr)

An American citizen has documented on video his experience while being quarantined at Travis Air Force Base near Fairfield.

The U.S. government evacuated Jeffrey Ho from Wuhan, China on February 5, 2020, after an outbreak of the coronavirus. He’s since been kept with other American citizens flown from China to the base, where he’s documented his experience on Instagram.


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Flight was actually very Kool. Due to the 747 being a cargo plane the inside is extremely spacious, reminds me of some kind of starship seen in movies with the all white walls tall celling with markings on the wall of numbers and letters in big bold print with black and yellow warning strips and red warning labels scatter throughout the haul of the interior and staffed by friendly hazmat geared US Embassy staff which looks like space suits to match the setting haha😜. When the aircraft was taking off there were blue stroop light flashing and without windows the movement of the plane and all the flashing lights and sound feels like a movie set when a starship is under attack with warning light flashing and moving around to avoid Lazer cannons, which adds to the Kool experience. The flight was as enjoyable as any economy flight. The good thing is that drinks are all help yourself bases so save the hazzle of calling a flight attendant. Aircraft is pressurised and temperature was surprisingly very comfortable compare to other normal flight which is freezing most of the time. Also I didn’t get that usual super dry feeling that I get from other aircrafts. Thanks to the Coronavirus no one was pushing and shuffling around to get to their seats and trying to fit over size carry on into the over head bin whole blocking you from getting to your seats which is awesome. Where do you put your carry on you may ask? Along the wall of the front and aft section of the plane. Seats are normal economy seats with the usual reclining and tray table. The noise level of the plane is surprisingly no different then normal plane. Since china made it so hard to get to Wuhan because of the Coronavirus quarantines that I heard about 100 person on this flight didn’t make it so once again I lucked out and got 3 seats to myself so I can comfortably lay down and rest, also since the other two seats are empty I get their food too hahahaha jack pot!🤑 To be honest the meal is not bad at all it is something you will expect to see if you are on a American airline. They also had snacks which are some chips, enegry bars candy bars which is also on a help yourself bases. #coronavirus

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The videos, posted February 10, show the base where Ho and others will be kept for at least another week as part of a mandatory quarantine.


In an interview with Storyful, which got permission to share the videos, Ho said he had to leave behind his young daughter and wife in Yichang, a city located west of Wuhan in Hubei province, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak. In the interview, Ho, 33, said he had to return to the United States to continue his work as an auto mechanic. Since the family worried about transporting an infant, the baby and Ho’s wife decided to stay with her family, hoping the virus will eventually get controlled, Storyful reported.

“I spend a lot of time doing nothing,” Ho told Storyful by phone from the base. “I’m going through three to five movies a day.”

In the footage, Ho gives viewers a tour of the room he’s staying in on the base, and shows the palm trees and nice weather outside in Solano County, where the base is located. “(Enjoyed) my outdoor exercise and sunbathing, even tho it was windy,” Ho wrote on Instagram.


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Vacation (quarantine) day 6 at the Travis Air Force Base. There seems to be some shortage of some supplies. I been running low on hand soap and been asking for more hand soap, shampoo, and body wash, because what they gave us is the small hotel shampoo which is running out and the small bar of soap is getting very thin. On the group chat found out others are running low on lotion too. I ask the front desk which is stationed by USHPS they told me to buy it online, I ask the CDC they don’t have an answer told me to ask the ACF. I asked the ACF they say they should be able to get it but didn’t say when and don’t see any sign of it yet. But not until tonight my 2nd day for the quest of finding soap I was able to obtain it. When I talked to the DMORT which was doing the temp check about my lack of soap problem, they were able to dig up a bar of soap for me in less then 10min, Thank God! I was already using laundry detergent as hand soap for half a day already lolz. Is kinda strange that this quarantine facility can provide toys for kids, food and out door activities but can’t seem to provide soap especially when they recommend washing you hands often and tell me to Amazon it lolz. To the brighter side of the day, the sun was good today enjoy my outdoor exercise and sunbathing, even tho it was windy. The ambulance yesterday was transport for one of the person that originally show syntoms but has since been clear to rejoin this quarantine group, that is good that 2 out of 5 have been cleared and returned. Today saw another ambulance at the front but does not look like it was transporting anyone. Oh also finally they served beef for dinner 😋 was getting tired of the chicken that they served everyday. #coronavirus #coronavirusoutbreak

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In an Instagram comment accompanying his videos, Ho wrote that ambulances have been present at the base, and that certain supplies seemed to be running low, including soap.

“Finally they served beef for dinner,” he added. “Was getting tired of the chicken that they served everyday.”


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