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FBI confiscates ex-Marine’s guns via ‘red flag’ law after he threatened Antifa

Patriot Prayer and Antifa protests in Portland, Oregon, Dec. 9, 2017. (Old White Truck/Flickr)
September 03, 2019

The FBI has used Oregon’s “red flag” law to confiscate a former Marine’s firearms after he made violent threats during a July demonstration in Portland.

The confiscation came after Shane Kohfield, 32, reportedly made threats from a bullhorn during a July demonstration outside the home of Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, during which he was said to have threatened to  “slaughter” members of the left-wing group “Antifa” if Wheeler did not take greater steps to prevent the group’s violent behavior, according to reporting by The Oregonian.

The July demonstration was organized in response to June protests that devolved into a violent clash where members of Antifa assaulted journalist Andy Ngo. The July demonstrators criticized Wheeler, who is also the city’s police commissioner, with accusations police did not take appropriate steps to manage the protests.

“If antifa gets to the point where they start killing us, I’m going to kill them next,” Kohfield said at the time, according to The Oregonian.

Kohfield indicated he had a “detailed plan” for killing the Antifa members.

Though Kohfield had not committed a crime, members of the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force were able to temporarily seize his firearms, using an “extreme risk protective order” granted by a judge, in a process commonly enabled by Oregon’s “red flag” law.

The FBI reportedly responded within days of Kohfield’s July comments to acquire the protective order.

The Oregon law, similar to other red flag laws enacted in various states throughout the country, allows law enforcement officers or family members of an intended person to petition a judge for a protective order to confiscate the person’s firearms and bar ownership of weapons for the duration of the order.

As reported by the Washington Examiner, Oregon’s acting deputy state court administrator, Phil Lemman, said Kohfield surrendered five guns, including an AR-15 rifle, when the protective order was served.

Following the confiscatory action, Kohfield was also reportedly admitted to Portland veterans hospital, where he stayed for 20 days.

Kohfield told the Oregonian that he never planned to hurt anyone, but he understands how law enforcement perceived his comments.

“I looked dangerous and have the training to be dangerous,” he said.

Kohfield said he hoped his comments would present scary enough warning to deter physical violence in the first place.

Kohfield was also barred from participating in recent August protests in Portland organized by the right-wing Patriot Prayer group, which drew counter-protests by left-wing Antifa members.

The August protests saw 13 people arrested for a series of charges including disorderly conducting, interfering with police, and some weapons charges, according to reporting by CNN.