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Central Florida veteran wants to fly Puerto Rican flag — HOA rules against it: report

Puerto Rican flag waving in the wind. (Mistman123/WikiCommons)

A red, white and blue debate has formed in Kissimmee where an Army veteran was asked by the homeowner’s association to remove her Puerto Rican flag from the front of her home.

Frances Santiago spent 14 years as an Army medic, and she told WFTV that she wants the freedom to fly the flag of her choice at her home.

According to the report, the flag was on display for three weeks before the HOA left notice explaining that anything other than the U.S. flag, a military flag or a sports flag must be removed.

“I fought for this, to be able to do this. So, I don’t see a problem with flying my flag here,” Santiago told WFTV.

The Santiago family believes it’s time for the HOA to revisit its rules and standards, especially with Osceola County’s growing Hispanic community.

“I’m proud of my roots, who I am, [where] I come from,” Efrain Santiago said to WFTV. “We’re not offending anyone. None of the neighbors were offended with us putting the flag there.”

The Santiago family said they have not faced any fines, but have hired an attorney.


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