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VIDEO: Protestors replace US flag with Mexican flag at ICE facility along with ‘f*ck the cops’ flag

The American flag. (
July 15, 2019

A group of protestors took down the American flag, defaced it and tried to burn it, then hung a Mexican flag, a desecrated flag and a flag that said “f*ck the cops” at a Denver ICE facility on Friday in Colorado.

A video clip shows the Mexican flag being hung; the video has more than 4 million views:

The American flag was defaced before protestors tried to burn it. Another flag with anti-police messages and hung back up, but upside down.

Here is a video clip of the Mexican and defaced American flag hanging, from local reporter Matt Mauro:

The improper flags were later taken down and the correct state and American flags hung back up. Here is video of that taking place:

Aurora Police are investigating the incident to try and uncover who took down the flags and defaced the American flag, and the chief of police has released a statement.

The police estimate that anywhere between 1,500 and 2,000 protestors were at the planned event, called “Lights for Liberty.”

“A large majority of the people in attendance behaved responsibly and peacefully. As in many of these kinds of events, a few embedded individuals within the crowd were intent on inappropriate and even unlawful behavior. This included trespassing onto facility grounds via a vehicle bridge located on the west side of the facility,” the Aurora Police Department said.

The department went on to explain that while barriers had been erected, they were breached, which is how several hundred people encroached on the property and went up to where the flags are flown.

“Just prior to the protest, GEO/ICE officials placed several traffic cones, along with a light-weight yellow plastic chain that was taped to the cones instead of the water-filled jersey barriers we had strongly recommended. Attached to the makeshift barrier was a small sign that basically said in English and Spanish, ‘Private property, No trespassing.’ You can imagine this did nothing to prevent and/or stop even one person from entering,” said Chief of Police Nick Metz.

“Once a few people opted to disobey the sign and the barrier, hundreds of other people followed them onto the property approaching the front door. When people crossed the bridge, that’s when the activities you saw on the news occurred,” he explained. “A group of folks removed three flags being flown in front of the facility, including the U.S. Flag. The three flags were replaced with the Mexican national flag, a desecrated upside down with some red spray paint written on it thin blue line flag, and a flag that read ‘F##k the Cops.’ This same group attempted to burn the U.S. flag that had been removed from the flag pole.”

“The decision to not intervene at the time was based on protecting the safety of the large majority who were acting peacefully, and the safety of the officers. Our folks were more than ready to decisively engage had we witnessed assaultive behavior or damage to the building or surrounding property that could jeopardize its security or public safety. Beyond the removal, attempted destruction of the U.S. flag, replacement of the flags, and some signs and poles being put on the main doors and windows, the protesters did not engage in behavior that warranted immediate intervention,” the police chief said.

The police are investigating to see who took down and defaced the American flag, and then hung the Mexican flag.

“In the days to come we will be reviewing any available video in order to identify and pursue prosecution of those involved in criminal behavior. If anyone has cellphone video of these individuals please contact us at [email protected]. Our officers who worked that night, particularly those who engaged with the public as they came and left, did an incredible job in helping to establish a professional tone with the majority of folks who’s goal it was to peacefully protest,” Metz added.