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Op-Ed: 20 interesting ‘new’ handguns for 2019

A Steyr handgun. (Courtesy of Dan Abraham)

Each year, the handgun market expands its choices. New models are offered to suit the trends of concealed carriers, collectors and competitors. Manufacturers work hard to release to the public their newest handgun in the hopes of high interest and big sales. The year 2019 has been no different. This year we saw new handguns in every category possible. From high capacity .22 long rifle to single stack 9mms and full-size competition handguns, 2019 offered everything a firearm enthusiast could ask for.

In this review, I was able to gather 20 “new” handguns for 2019. These new handguns are not pictures that were pulled from a press release or a fantasy about what’s to come, but actual newly released handguns to the public. I was able to get my hands on every one of these new handgun models, show their features, and in most cases (18 out of 20) demonstrate range shooting. With the help of marketing directors and a now-maxed out credit card from online purchases, this 20 handgun comprehensive review is one of a kind. No other reviewer had hands-on experience with these 20 new handguns like I have.

For example, Steyr Arms introduced their new 2019 handgun models at Shot Show 2019. They are called the A2 MF series of handguns. Being that Steyr imports their handguns from Austria, the majority of the models in the U.S. are disabled show guns that will not function. Steyr Arms has two functioning L9 A2 MF handguns in the U.S. They decided to send me one to review on my channel and also use in this 20 “new” handgun comprehensive review. It was an honor to be the only reviewer to take the Steyr L9 A2 MF to the range and shoot the lights out with it.

Another example is the new Hi Point handgun (recently named YC9) that was featured at Shot Show. MKS Supply, Hi Point’s marketing and distribution company, agreed to meet with me at their facility in Dayton Ohio for a hands-on review of the YC9. The Hi Point YC9 featured was the only prototype model in the U.S. During Shot Show and the NRA convention, the Hi Point YC9 was mounted on a pedestal and enclosed in a glass case. The good people at MKS Supply allowed me to review the YC9 (off the pedestal) and add it to the 20 handgun comprehensive review.

This review features new handgun models from every major firearm manufacturer out there. There are handguns from Glock, Kimber, Kel-Tec, Steyr, Ruger, Sig Sauer, Kahr Arms and more. If you are looking for the most expansive look at 2019’s newest handgun models, you found the right place. The video below showcases each handgun in quick 50-second scenes that include the features and shooting.

Let us know your favorite handguns and which new models you are interested in for 2019.