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30 ISIS terrorists killed by British SAS soldier with grenade launcher

A British soldier marches toward his rally point during the field training portion of exercise Saber Strike 2014, at Adazi Training Area, Latvia, June 17, 2014. (DoD photo by Staff Sgt. Brett Miller, U.S. Army National Guard/Released)
April 04, 2019

A British SAS soldier wiped out 30 ISIS fighters and their hideaway with six rounds from a grenade launcher, giving his fellow troops time to take cover.

British Special Air Service (SAS) troops were working in conjunction with Kurdish forces in Baghouz, Syria last month when ISIS began firing and wounded one, prompting a SAS soldier to retaliate via grenade machine gun (GMG), The Daily Mail reported last week.

The British soldiers were on the edge of town when ISIS bullets were fired, prompting the soldiers to close in on the terrorists. The terrorists were given opportunities to surrender to the SAS forces, but they instead decided on martyrdom.

The ISIS terrorists then ambushed the SAS troops until a British Army Landrover operator activated a grenade launcher capable of firing 350 explosives every minute.

The six grenades completely destroyed the hideaway building where the extremist troops were located.

An unknown source said, “When Kurdish troops returned a few days later they discovered at least 30 bodies inside the shattered building – all were ISIS fighters, and most had died from shrapnel wounds from the grenades fired into the building.”

The fight was one of the final battles to eradicate ISIS’ grip on Baghouz.

Not long after, Syrian forces declared that ISIS had been defeated in Syria.

Mustafa Bali, a spokesman for the Syrian Democratic Forces said that mines and booby-traps are also still being removed from the area, and small groups of militants have been uprooted from caves since then.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said, “the U.S.-led coalition is still conducting airstrikes against ISIS. It says senior ISIS commanders and prisoners held by the extremists are believed to be in the caves on the east bank of the Euphrates River,” according to the Military Times.

Since the Kurdish troops declared victory on March 23, SDF fighters have been killed by a car bomb in Deir al-Zor, gunfire from stray ISIS terrorists, and a larger attach in Manbij, the Kurdistan News reported.

The victory declaration followed an “extended U.S. led military offensive on ISIS’s last pocket of land in war-ravaged Syria, where at least 50 militants were killed. The campaign launched in 2014,” according to Kurdistan News

The operations had been halted temporarily to save the lives of civilian and hostages that were imprisoned by ISIS militants.