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79-year-old granny shoots at burglar, sends him hiding until police arrive

Aiming a 9mm Glock 17 handgun. (Max Pixel/Released)
February 23, 2019

A 79-year-old Georgia granny decided she wasn’t going to be the victim of a home invasion, so she took matters into her own hands on Feb. 12.

The unidentified homeowner of a 100-year-old farmhouse in Jackson County called 911 and grabbed her pistol when she heard an intruder trying to get in her home, NBC News reported.

She stayed on the phone with 911 dispatch for 10 minutes until police arrived on the scene and as she did, she gave them a detailed description of what was unfolding before her.

According to the 911 tape, the woman said, “Okay, come on up in here! I got something for you! I’m waitin’ on ya, come on. Come on! Come on down here!”

The grandma told the dispatcher, “They’re trying to get in the back door. Hurry. Hurry. Please.”

On the tape, the dispatcher asked the woman where she was located in the house. She replied, “I’m in the kitchen. I’m watching the door that they were trying to get in. Ooh, they’re breaking glass,” WSAV News 3 reported.

The woman initially believed there was more than one intruder.

She said this while she was firing at the burglar. The dispatcher asked her if she was firing shots again at the intruder and the woman replied, “Yes, ma’am.”

Then the woman shouted, “Okay, come on! I got something for you!”

The dispatcher said, “Ma’am, listen to me,” but it was too late — the grandma fired her gun.

That didn’t stop the burglar, who just went to another door to gain entry.

He made it inside and upstairs where the homeowner could hear him rummaging through her belongings.

With gun in hand, she yelled up the stairs, “I’m waitin’ on ya’, come on! When you come down those stairs, I’m gonna blow your damn brains out!”

She later told her daughter she never planned on hitting the man with any shots, but just wanted to scare him. Her plan was a success.

When police showed up, the intruder was hiding in a closet, terrified of the woman.

The daughter of the homeowner said, “She didn’t allow herself to become a victim. My mother’s a very strong woman. I know where I get my strength from, now.  As a matter of fact, I think she’s a little stronger.”

Hans Rogers, a 20-year-old from Dallas, Ga., was arrested on the scene and charged with burglary, home invasion, and criminal trespassing.