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Watch man self-tow a car that is blocking his driveway

Car blocking driveway (Paul Sullivan/Flickr)
January 23, 2019

A Facebook video has gone viral showing a British Columbia man who took matters into his own hands after someone parked in front of his driveway, blocking him from entering.

The viral video has had more than 75,000 views after Adam Peyton, a contractor for a neighboring house, recorded it, according to Chek News. Tens of thousands of additional views have been garnered from reuploaded videos.

“I got on my phone and started recording because I thought it was hilarious and I wanted to share with a couple friends on Facebook,” Peyton said.

Langford resident Colin Stann returned from a shopping trip to his McCormick Meadows home and discovered a car parked in front of his driveway, stopping him from getting in.

“My initial reaction was who on earth would park right in front of somebody’s driveway,” he said, as Global News reported.

Stann said he checked around to locate the owner of the vehicle, but no one would come forward.

Some of the guys that were working with Peyton on the nearby house offered some tow ropes.

The video shows Stann throwing the tow ropes onto the car and dragging it down the road, screeching tires and all.

A neighbor identified only as Jordan said, “It didn’t cause any damage to their car as far as I know.”

Another neighbor named Moira said, “If I could do it without having to involve a third party, I might do it. Car’s not damaged, no harm done.”

About the huge number of views, Stann, a corrections officer said, “I didn’t expect it … it’s nice to know guys are supportive.”

Stann said he didn’t tow the vehicle too far away and added, “I don’t think there was any damage. I didn’t hear anything break when I was towing him away.”

With the construction across the street, Stann said parking has been problematic and believes his actions displayed a sense of taking control, which he says many people lack today.

“I think people just want to be able to grab on and take control a little bit. Maybe that’s what I gave them, a little bit of control,” he said.

While blocking off someone’s driveway is a Motor Vehicle Act offense and does violate the bylaws in Langford, the legal protocol is to call the bylaw police.

West Shore RCMP doesn’t recommend doing what Stann did. It isn’t deemed a criminal offense, however, if any damage had been done to the vehicle during the tow, Stann could have been held liable.

Stann said he hasn’t heard a word from the owner of the towed vehicle.