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CA now confiscating ammunition, gun magazines under ‘red flag’ law

An AR-15 build, magazines and Federal ammunition. (docmonstereyes/Flickr)
January 04, 2019

On Jan. 7, California will say goodbye to their Governor, Jerry Brown, who leaves behind a legacy of gun control measures. Brown has passed a series of gun confiscation laws that were extended at the start of the new year to include the seizure of ammunition and some magazines when guns are confiscated.

He approved Senate Bill 1200, which “adds ammunition and bullet drums to the list of items related to firearms that can be confiscated,” according to KCRA News.

During the execution of a Gun Violence Restraining Order (GVRO), authorities have the legal right to seize “the owner’s gun, accessories, and ammunition.” It also eliminates any fees incurred for obtaining the GVRO.

On Jan. 1, Domestic Violence and Firearms Assembly Bill 3129 became law and places a lifelong ban on the possession of guns for anyone who has been found guilty of domestic violence after Jan. 1, 2019. It does not apply to prior convictions.

Another new law pertaining to CCW holders is Assembly Bill 2103. CCW applicants must take “at least eight hours of training and demonstrate proficiency and safety on the shooting range” prior to obtaining the permit.

Senate Bill 1100 restricts the purchases of long guns to anyone under the age of 21. Exemptions are implemented for “law enforcement officers, members of the military and anyone who possesses a valid, unexpired hunting license.”

In 2016, voters passed Proposition 63, which takes effect in July 2019 and states that all dealers of ammunition must clear every ammunition purchase with the Department of Justice prior to the sale to ensure the person is not banned from purchasing,

Many of the new laws are opposed, especially by gun dealers who say the laws push the boundaries.

Tacti-cool Guns and Gear Owner Brian Anton said, “It’s pretty clear I opened a gun store in the wrong state. From a political point of view, we’re almost the bad guys in the state,” KSBY 6 News reported.

“They’re considering 18-year-olds to be adults and responsible enough to vote for our president and serve our country, (but) they are apparently too irresponsible or dangerous to own rifles and shotguns. It doesn’t make much sense,” Anton said.

Gun control activist Keanu Lyday agrees with the new laws and thinks other states should follow California’s lead by tightening their gun laws.

Lyday, who was part of the SLO March for Our Lives said, “The bills passed and implemented are a good step, they kind of check off a few things that we were asking for.”