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Navy SEAL accused of ISIS execution allegedly sent pic: ‘I got him with my hunting knife’

Ka Bar knife (twintiger007/Flickr)
November 16, 2018

New evidence has been exposed in the case of the U.S. Navy SEAL accused of stabbing an ISIS prisoner to death.

Navy SEAL Chief Edward “Eddie” Gallagher, 39, appeared before Navy Judge Advocate Capt. Arthur Record during an Article 32 hearing on Wednesday where evidence was presented to determine whether or not to proceed with a full trial, Task & Purpose first reported Thursday.

Gallagher, a 19-year Navy veteran, allegedly executed a wounded ISIS detainee with his knife in May 2017.

Before the evidence was released, Gallagher maintained that the fighter succumbed to combat wounds obtained earlier. His attorney, Phillip Stackhouse, even said, “What we’ve learned in our independent investigation into these allegations is that a crime simply didn’t happen.”


However, the evidence released this week included several videos, some of which were obtained from helmet cameras worn by the ISIS fighter and Navy SEALs. Video was also released of Gallagher’s re-enlistment ceremony, which reportedly corroborated witness testimony.

Text messages were also obtained from several of the SEALs’ phones, one of which revealed a message from Gallagher boasting, “I got him with my hunting knife,” accompanied by a photo of himself with the dead ISIS fighter.

Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) Special Agent Joe Warpinski was called as a witness and delivered the testimony from nine SEALs from Gallagher’s unit, testimony he had gathered since April during his investigation.

Several members of SEAL Team 7 Alpha Platoon were providing medical treatment to a 15-year-old ISIS fighter who suffered a leg injury from shrapnel derived from a nearby Iraqi airstrike. Iraqi forces had captured the fighter, then turned him over to the SEAL team.

Gallagher wasn’t present as the other SEALs treated the fighter. However, once the fighter was stabilized, Gallagher allegedly “walked up without saying anything at all” and began to stab the fighter.

Three SEAL members witnessed the killing. One said the act left him in “complete disbelief.” Another “couldn’t believe what had happened,” saying the fighter “was just a brainwashed kid.”


Shortly after, Gallagher posed for photos with fighter’s body, cradling the fighter’s head in one hand and holding his knife in the other hand. He even completed his re-enlistment ceremony in a similar pose.

Gallagher has been charged with 14 charges, including “murder, aggravated assault, obstructing justice and drug charges tied to alleged pain reliever and anabolic steroid abuse,” according to the Navy Times.

His aggravated assault charges stem from incidents involving a male and female civilian during the same deployment. From a sniper post in a tower near the Tigris river, Gallagher allegedly shot and wounded an elderly Iraqi citizen in June 2017, then shot and wounded a young girl in July 2017.

Other SEALs in his unit told investigators that Gallagher’s rifle was “off” but reportedly “felt that he was targeting civilians.”

Gallager was arrested on Sept. 11 at the Camp Pendleton Intrepid Spirit Center where he was receiving treatment for head injuries incurred from his overseas combat duty.

Authorities then detained him in the Naval Consolidated Brig Miramar in San Diego, where he has remained thus far.