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AMN Gear Review: The Ryker Grip

Engaging targets. (Ryker/Released)
November 13, 2018

The Ryker Grip is a new innovative side-mounted, forward-support grip. It was specifically designed to assist the shooter in recoil management, especially during automatic or rapid rates of fire. The grip was also engineered to help the user feel more comfortable to assist in engaging multiple targets.

Training can be long, tedious and take its toll on the trainee. The Ryker Grip is engineered to be more ergonomic, reduce tension and shooters fatigue. Spending hundreds of dollars on ammo and range time can be a waste if the shooter is trying to overcompensate for fatigue. This can be especially true for shooters with old injuries.

The grip up close. (Ryker/Released)

This new accessory can also help the shooter use their natural body mechanics to engage multiple targets more accurately and with more speed. The company website states that this product is more than a mere accessory, rather that it is an entirely new method of shooting.

They go on to say, “Ryker Grip™ changes many ways you interface with your weapon. Targeting, moving while shooting, transitioning from rifle to pistol, and weapon-retention are all improved when a Ryker Grip is installed. The Ryker Grip is an evolution in the way firearms are used.”

I found that it can be mounted on any picatinny rail and was easy to install. It is important to observe a safe distance from the end of the muzzle to avoid injury. The guide book said a minimum of 3 inches from the aft of the muzzle was acceptable. At this distance I experienced no discomfort from the muzzle flash.

Ryker training. (Ryker/Released)

The grip is ambidextrous and admittedly, it felt odd shooting at first. After about 30 rounds or so I became more comfortable. I noticed an increase of control during high rates of fire compared to not having any grip mounted. After a few magazines I felt like I was transitioning between targets with more ease.

I can see how Ryker claims this is a new shooting method because there are different considerations for the way you engage and manipulate the weapon, as opposed to the method of placing the palm under the barrel close to the magazine well. The company offers training courses on the best methods to employ the system.

Multipurpose functions. (Ryker/Released)

There are several videos on YouTube and the website for your consideration. I highly recommend the shotgun video to expand your concepts of what this grip is capable of.

In conclusion, I recommend this grip to experienced shooters. If at the very least for you to see what is out there and test a new method. I believe novice shooters should focus on the basics, then once they feel comfortable in their mechanics they should transition to a grip such as this. The art of combat is always evolving, don’t miss an opportunity to master a new method. Visit their website here.

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