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Op-Ed: Budget friendly ‘hidden gem’ handguns

Budget friendly handguns. (Courtesy of Dan Abraham)
October 19, 2018

Today’s firearm market is filled with handguns of all sizes, calibers, and capacities. Whether it’s for beginning shooters, concealed carry, home defense or competition, the choices of handguns available are plentiful. Additionally, the various type of colors, operations and accessories are great for handgun enthusiasts.

This review features handguns that are budget friendly “hidden gems.” I consider a quality made handgun priced between $300 – $350 to be budget friendly. These are handguns with a proven record of reliability and function but sold at a “blue collar” price. Handguns like these are commonly referred to as a “working man’s” gun.

A “hidden gem” refers to handguns that we don’t commonly see in the latest issue of Recoil or Guns and Ammo magazine. They often are not featured on the channels of YouTube megastar gun reviewers. They are hidden underneath the fat advertising budgets of the major gun manufactures, therefore, they don’t get the notoriety or respect they deserve. Although they are lesser known, these hidden gems are not only lower priced, but are excellent handguns that any shooter would be proud to call their own.

With this review, I featured seven handguns that I feel are budget priced hidden gems. I proudly own six of the seven handguns. I feel that each of these lesser-known pistols are excellent choices for a variety of applications. They are not Cerakoted, flashy, or the latest new gimmick that many chase after to be the first to feature on Instagram. They are tough and function exactly as intended, which perfectly suits the working man.

Check out the video below for a closer look at what handguns I chose for this review. Let us know if you agree with my choices and what “hidden gem” handguns I may have missed which deserve to be featured.

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