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Army vet Mat Best’s latest video: Veterans in a horror movie

Veteran Mat Best. (Mat Best MBest11x/Facebook)
October 23, 2018

Veteran Mat Best has released another comical veteran video just in time for Halloween.

The video, titled “If Veterans Were In Horror Movies,depicts Best inviting over his buddies – fellow veterans and colleagues – for a ghost-hunting Halloween gathering.

Watch the video below:

Released on Monday, the video has already amassed nearly one million views on Facebook where Best maintains a following of more than 1.5 million. Another 183,000 views are recorded on YouTube, where Best has another 823,000 subscribers.


The group carries out Halloween celebrations by joyfully slaying “evil spirits” summoned by their Ouija board. They use a range of weapons, including knives, a crossbow and various guns.

Best is a former Army Ranger with five deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, according to his bio. He later served overseas as a CIA contractor before delving into business. He serves as President of Article 15 clothing and Vice President of Black Rifle Coffee Company, in addition to other business ventures.

Best’s latest video shows the head-first, teamwork approach that has driven his military and business careers.

In a Task and Purpose interview two years ago, Best was asked what his first response to a zombie apocalypse would be. He answered, “I’m going to call my friends, exactly how we did it in ‘Range 15,’ and be unbelievably excited. And I’m going to start opening up all my cases of ammo that I’ve been saving for the apocalypse the past 10 years. Get the speedball bag, we’re going in!”

His response seems to be embodied in his latest video – as well as previous videos, which depict Best and his crew shooting up whatever evil conflict arises.

In May 2017, Best released a similar video titled “Gun Owner vs Horror Movie.” The video shows Best and his wife mocking horror movie plots until one occurs in their own home. Best, his wife and their friends suddenly take up weapons and immediately neutralize the threat.


That video garnered 11 million views on Facebook, and another 643,000 on YouTube.

Best’s oldest videos on his YouTube channel date back six years ago, though at least 50 of the 77 videos have been released in the past three years. He’s racked up a collective 110 million views on YouTube, and even more than that on Facebook.

Best’s videos have been a driving force in Black Rifle Coffee Company’s marketing campaign. Each video features a brief advertisement for BRCC and sometimes accompanies a coupon code.

“Essentially we’re taking a satirical approach to our values, right? I’m a pro-gun guy, very pro-gun, but obviously it’s way over the top in the videos,” said Best, according to a CBS News interview.