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US Airman on drugs arrested after crashing into police car during high-speed chase

Wickenburg Police Department cruiser. (Wickenburg Police Department/Facebook).
September 28, 2018

A U.S. Airman was arrested last week after he crashed into a police car while during a chase he was under the influence.

Brandon Cory Tyner, 21, was driving from Las Vegas through Wickenburg, Ariz. on Saturday when he sped past a Wickenburg Police car and a chase ensued, KVOA reported last week.

Tyner was traveling 65 mph in a 25-mph zone through Wickenburg. Officer Justin Lemon attempted to conduct a traffic stop, but Tyner refused to stop. A high-speed pursuit began, with Tyner driving approximately 80-90 mph.

Lemon was eventually able to block Tyner’s car after he turned into a business. Lemon approached Tyner’s vehicle with his gun drawn while giving verbal instructions, however, Tyner again failed to stop.

Tyner drove through the business’ circular driveway and approached Lemon. The officer barely had time to jump back into his car to avoid getting hit. Tyner’s car smashed into Lemon’s driver side door, and the impact caused the door to squish Lemon’s leg. He did not suffer injury, however.

Lemon was unable to pursue Tyner, who sped off on the nearby Highway 60.

Arizona Highway Patrol later found Tyner’s car abandoned outside a gated community on Highway 93. The driver door was left open, though Tyner was not inside. The car had damage to the front driver’s side where it had impacted Lemon’s vehicle.

Police searched the area for approximately one hour. Tyner’s girlfriend arrived on scene, and she received a phone call from him, leading to his surrender. He was arrested and taken to jail without further incident.

Police learned that Tyner was under the influence of crystal methamphetamine and heroin, which he had taken earlier in the day while he was in Las Vegas. Officers found drugs and tin foil with burnt heroin residue in the center console of Tyner’s car.

Tyner also told police he believed he was “in a video game” and said he had a dream about a month prior of the community where he ditched his car.

Tyner is based out of Hill Air Force Base near Ogden, Utah. He has been in the Air Force for over a year.

He faces charges of “aggravated assault with a deadly weapon (meaning his vehicle), aggravated assault against an officer, unlawful flight from law enforcement, reckless driving, endangerment, criminal damage, narcotic drug possession and use and drug paraphernalia possession and use.”