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Op-Ed: Taurus handguns – do they deserve the hate?

Taurus handgun. (Courtesy of Dan Abraham)
September 27, 2018

If there is one firearm manufacturer that shooters have a love or hate relationship with, it’s Taurus. Taurus produces budget-priced handguns that many feel are quality made and built to last. There are equal amounts of people who feel Taurus handguns are poorly developed, lack longevity and have the worst customer service in the industry.

Let’s first focus on the positives. Taurus handguns are low priced. They suit the bill for beginners or people who are looking for a stash away gun without dropping a lot of dough. They are feature-loaded. Most Taurus handguns come with two magazines, have very nice ergonomics, have simple disassembly, are small and light, offer adjustable sights, and in most cases, have a thumb safety. Many shooters feel that a Taurus handgun offers the greatest amount of features and shoot-ability compared to the competitors’ more expensive handgun models. Many of the loyal Taurus enthusiasts feel their handgun is worthy of carry and have confidence the gun will function as needed in a self-defense situation.

But then there are the Taurus critics who feel the guns are cheaply made, lack quality control, and often break down without warning. Due to past experiences, these shooters feel that a Taurus handgun is not to be trusted and people are better suited by spending a hundred dollars or more to purchase a superior-made handgun that is more reliable. Most will admit that a Taurus will function fine out of the box but after firing a couple hundred rounds, the gun is prone to fail and be rendered useless. Given that, many shooters say they do not trust Taurus handguns and would never consider using one for carry, home defense, or any other defensive situation.

Taurus also has a reputation for having poor customer service. Once again, I have heard both sides of the issue. However, many people complain that once their gun has been sent to Taurus, they had to wait in excess of six months before the gun was returned. To top it off, Taurus charges their customers for shipping and parts, which is uncommon practice compared to most gun manufacturers. On the flip-side, Taurus handgun enthusiasts mostly admit that although their customer service is not the greatest, they have improved their repair time and feel that Taurus customer service has turned the corner for the better.

Getting back to the original question, do Taurus handguns deserve the hate? Sound off and let us know your thoughts and experiences with Taurus handguns. Watch the video below which clearly states three categories in which both fans and haters of Taurus handguns have strong opinions.

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