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Reported manhunt underway: Driver reportedly rams into ‘crowd of 100 children and teachers’ in Sweden

Two vans of the Stockholm Police at a nationalist demonstration in Stockholm on National Day, 2007. (Peter Isotalo/Wikimedia Commons)
September 25, 2018

A horrific scene unfolded in the rural town of Sölvesborg, Sweden when a car drove through a crowd of children and teachers.

A manhunt is reportedly underway for the suspect who drove a car into a “crowd of 100 children and teachers” in Sölvesborg, a town near Karlshamn, Sweden, Daily Express reported Tuesday.

Swedish police spokesperson Bengt Jeppsson said, “The car accelerated into the group of students and teachers. The car increased speed and drove straight towards them.”

The incident was first reported by Swedish media outlet Blekinge Läns Tidning on Tuesday. The incident occurred Monday as the children and teachers from Mjällby secondary school walked from the school to Ringaslätt’s sports ground in Gammalstorp.

The car, a black or dark blue Saab, was estimated to be traveling at 25 m.p.h. when it struck the crowd.

Children in the crowd “threw themselves” out of the car’s path, but not all were able to escape harm’s way. “He drove into two of the students. One was injured on the wrist and possibly the other student was also injured,” Jeppsson said.

Martina Sjöström, principal of Mjällby School, told reporters that students and teachers were on a 1.6-mile walk as part of a social event, “open-air day.” She called the incident “a terrible experience.”

After hitting the students, the driver continued past the crowd before coming to a stop, then fled the scene. Witnesses could not determine if the driver was male or female.

Police have asked those to speak out if they have any knowledge of the incident or the driver.

“I expect both [students and teachers] to return to school on Wednesday,” Sjöström said.

This story has been updated to include the most recent events and up-to-date information.