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They tried to rob a 70-year-old cop, and this happened

The Elkton Police Department, Maryland. (Elkton Police Department/Facebook)
August 29, 2018

On Aug. 21, a 70-year-old retired law enforcement officer and his dog sent a pair of would-be robbers running.

Joseph Zurolo Sr. said he may be retired, but he is not a typical retired person, Blue Lives Matter reported this week.

Zurolo said he was watching the TV show “Blue Bloods” when there was a knock at his front door in Elkton, Maryland.

He answered the door and a man in his twenties barged in demanding money and drugs.

An altercation erupted, and the man ripped Zurolo’s shirt in the process, according to the report.

Zurolo launched a few punches to the robber’s face but a second suspect appeared, and they attacked him and started banging Zurolo’s head into the door.

“I thought for sure they were going to kill me,” Zurolo said.

His 11-year-old dog, Max, appeared to help his owner with barks so fierce, they sent the robbers running.

“He barked so loud that the two guys fled without taking anything. Max saved my life,” Zurolo said.

“He’s got a bark on him that would scare anybody to death. I’ve raised him from a puppy. He’s very protective of me. He’s my true hero in this,” he added.

Max was rewarded with a steak.

Zurolo said, “He enjoyed it. That’s the least I can do for him.”

The next day, Zurolo went to the hospital to get checked out. He suffered a mild concussion and was sent home with some pain medication.

Zurolo began his career with the Elkton Police Department but following an injury, he began working for the Maryland State Fire Marshal’s Office.

He was inducted into the Hartford-Cecil County Fireman’s Association Hall of Fame in 2017 and is well-known as a first responder in the community.

Zurolo proudly displays his support for police and his patriotism with a “Blue Lives Matter” bumper sticker on his front door and a blue light in his window, with an American flag over the front steps of his porch.

“You ain’t messing with some retired cop. I’ve got news for you,” Zurolo said.

Zurolo has a nephew who was named after him and is a captain with the Elkton Police Department.

His nephew, Capt. Joseph Zurolo, said, “My uncle is retired law enforcement for 35 years. It’s not in his makeup to yield. His law enforcement training, knowledge and experience kicked in. I’m sure he held his own, even for a 70-year-old gentleman.”

Police are looking for the two suspects that are involved in the incident.