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Op-Ed: The biggest problem in the gun world

The Star BM9 is a Spanish Military Surplus handgun that sells for a budget price. (DanFireArmGuy/YouTube)

When discussing what the biggest problem is in the gun world, many people have thoughts and ideas about what divides us. This topic can bring out heated debates, strong opinions and open discussions about issues many haven’t thought much about. Creating this dialogue is healthy for a strong Secon Amendment battle that we know will never end. One thing is certain: defending our rights and freedoms will always be a battle that we must take on.

For the most part, pro-2A people are united on most issues. Just go to a Second Amendment rally, and you will see people from all walks of life standing together to defend our rights and freedoms. I recently attended a 2A rally in Lansing, Michigan, which drew well over a thousand people who cheered and supported the speakers. The rally was energetic and moving, which teaches us once again that there is more uniting us than dividing us. So, what is our problem?

There is no question that the government and the media create major problems with 2A issues. The lack of information and outright deceptions from politicians and the mainstream media is maddening. The fact is, they have an open pulpit to preach whatever they desire whether it is true or not. Most of the time they have no idea if it’s true, nor do they research the issue, but they understand the vast majority of people will believe whatever they say. This creates an uphill battle for pro-2A people to dispel the lies and deceptions that politicians and the media use to move the public’s opinion to fit their anti-gun narrative. In many cases, this strategy works.

If every gun owner took a stand to fight the lies and support our rights and freedoms, we could become the most powerful group of patriots in the United States. How do we take a stand, you ask? You should first join the Gun Owners of America. GOA is a no-compromise gun rights organization that stands strong, front and center, to fight for our protected gun rights. You should also get involved and support your local gun rights organizations to stay up-to-date with issues happening in your state and communities. Equally important, you should support all the battles of the Second Amendment, and not just the areas that affect you and what you do with firearms.

In this video, I share what I feel is the biggest problem in the gun world. Take a look and let us know if you agree with my thoughts.

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