Armed suspect who robbed Detroit vet on his porch caught with doorbell cam footage

Detroit Police Department vehicle (Frank Deanrdo/Wikicommons)
July 27, 2018

A 68-year-old Detroit veteran who was sitting on his porch was robbed at gunpoint last week. Thanks to a doorbell camera surveillance system, a suspect has recently been arrested.

Kendrick Holloway, a Vietnam veteran and cancer survivor, had just returned from a doctor’s appointment and his eyes had been dilated, making his vision distorted, when two suspects came up behind him, Fox 2 News reported.

“I dropped the keys, I bent over to pick them up and they were right on me,” he said of the suspects.

“The guy kept saying ‘I will shoot you.’ I said ‘you (don’t have) to shoot me, take what you’ve want,'” Holloway said.

About two minutes later, the robbers were gone; they took some cherished jewelry that Holloway had been wearing.

What the thieves didn’t know was that Holloway has a doorbell camera, and the whole event was caught on surveillance video.

“It happened so fast, I didn’t even have a chance to think about it. The biggest thing was don’t shoot, just take the jewelry. That’s replaceable, I’m not,” Holloway said.

Detroit Police have arrested a suspect.

“That’s fast action. Police is doing their job. They are working it. They are giving a Vietnam veteran some props. I love them for it,” Holloway said.

He believes that Detroit Police will arrest everyone involved in robbing him.

“I wish them well when they go to prison,” Holloway added.