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Here are the top 20 Trump quotes from North Korean summit

President Trump speaks to the media following the historic summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. (White House/YouTube)
June 12, 2018

Following President Donald Trump’s historic summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, the President held a press conference detailing what was discussed and what the signed document between the two countries included.

During the press conference, Trump praised a “comprehensive” agreement between the U.S. and North Korea aimed at the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

Watch the hour-long press conference here:

These are some of the memorable quotes from Trump’s press conference:

  • “We spent very intensive hours together, and I think most of you have received the signed document, or you will very shortly. It’s very comprehensive, it’s going to happen.”
  • “I stand before you as an emissary of the American people to deliver a message of hope and vision and a message of peace.”
  • “Our unprecedented meeting, the first between an American President and a leader of North Korea, proves that real change is indeed possible.”
  • “We got to know each other well in a very confined period of time, under very strong, strong circumstance.”
  • “We’re prepared to start a new history and we’re ready to write a new chapter between our nations.”
  • “But now we can all have hope that it will soon end. And it will. It will soon end,” Trump said of the Korean War.
  • “The past does not have to define the future.”
  • “And as history has proven over and over again, adversaries can indeed become friends. We can honor the sacrifice of our Forefathers by replacing the horrors of battle with the blessings of peace.”
  • “This isn’t another administration that never got it started and therefore never got it done.”
  • “Our eyes are wide open, but peace is always worth the effort, especially in this case.”
  • “Anyone can make war, but only the most courageous can make peace.”
  • “Anybody that takes over a situation like he did, at 26 years of age, and is able to run it, and run it tough. I don’t say he was nice or I don’t say anything about it. […] He ran it,” Trump said in response to his willingness to call Kim Jong Un “talented.”
  • “We will be stopping the war games,” Trump said, adding that it will save the U.S. a “tremendous amount of money” before calling the games “provocative.”
  • “Yeah, we’ll be verifying. It will be verified,” Trump said, assuring the verification of the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.
  • “I must have had just countless calls and letters and Tweets, anything you can do – they want the remains of their sons back,” Trump said of the remains of U.S. military personnel missing in action during the Korean War.
  • “They want the remains of their fathers, and mothers, and all of the people that got caught into that really brutal war, which took place, to a large extent, in North Korea.”
  • “I believe it’s a rough situation over there. There’s no question about it,” Trump said on human rights abuses in North Korea.
  • “I may be wrong, I mean I may stand before you in six months and say, ‘Hey I was wrong.’ I don’t know that I’ll ever admit that, but I’ll find some kind of an excuse,” Trump said on trusting North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.
  • “I don’t have to verify, I have one of the great memories of all time,” Trump said on a recorded meeting with Kim Jong Un.
  • “They are one of the great winners today. That large group of people that you are talking about. I think they will be one of the great winners as a group,” Trump said of the thousands of North Korean prisoners