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(VIDEO) UC Berkeley students denounce American flag while ignoring ISIS terrorist flag

American Flag (Anthony Delanoix/Unsplash)
May 01, 2018

Students at UC Berkeley had shocking reactions to YouTube star Ami Horowitz when he waved the American and ISIS flags on campus.

The man-on-the-street-style video was meant to be a social experiment to gauge the feelings and reactions that students on campus had toward the flags.

Horowitz started the experiment by standing on one of the busiest part of campus and waving the American flag. As he waved the flag, he shouted patriotic phrases such as “I love America” and “this country stands for freedom.”

He then pointed to a student with the flag still waving in his hand and said: “The greatest county on planet Earth that protects all freedoms, right?”

The student then responded with: “Ah, no.”

Horowitz waves the American flag on campus. (YouTube/Ami Horowitz)

Several other students responded to him with similar rhetoric, with one of them even saying the United States is the “complete opposite” of freedom.

Another student then chimed in and said: “Canada is pretty great.”

Horowitz was shocked by the negative reactions that the students had when he waved the American flag. He decided to then see the students’ reactions to him waving the ISIS flag.

While waving the ISIS flag on campus, he sarcastically said phrases like “I stand against America” and “I denounce the United States.”

Rather than denouncing Horowitz, students ignored him.

Then after waving the ISIS flag and saying, “I denounce American imperialism,” a girl went up to him and said: “Good for you, man.”

Another student went up to him and said: “I love that you’re saying that.”

Horowitz continued with his social experiment and said: “ISIS is love. We don’t have hate in our hearts; unless you stand against us. Then we kill.”

Students continued to have a positive or no reaction toward his comments about ISIS.

After doing the social experiment for several hours, Horowitz decided that it was finally time to stop. He was shocked that students didn’t seem to mind his pro-ISIS and anti-American rhetoric, but they despised and negatively reacted to his pro-American chants. The students that Horowitz encountered seemed to have minimal respect for the American flag and the values that it represents.

UC Berkeley has made the news for the reactions that students had when conservative and right-leaning speakers attempted to speak on campus.

In September 2017, nine protesters were arrested when Ben Shaprio spoke on campus. The university has cancelled several of Ann Coulter’s speeches and experienced more than $100,000 in damages to the campus when violent protests erupted prior to a planned speech by Milo Yiannopoulos.

Make sure to watch the video below to see the students’ reactions to the two flags: