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The CZ 2075 RAMI, an excellent sub-compact pistol

The CZ 2075 RAMI (TheFireArmGuy/YouTube)

Let’s face it: CZ makes incredible handguns that are accurate, reliable and extremely tough. Their full-size handguns are used throughout the world as duty sidearms for military and law enforcement. The CZ RAMI has everything the full-size CZ pistol offers, just in a smaller package. I recently picked up a CZ RAMI and took it to the range. It shot as smoothly and accurately as the full-size CZ SP-01, which many shooters consider one of the finest handguns in today’s market.

The CZ RAMI BD has an aluminum frame, 3-inch barrel, rubber grips and comes standard with true-dot night sights. It’s a double action/single action pistol that offers a half-cock hammer position that is ideal for carry. The CZ RAMI featured is called a RAMI BD. The “B” stands for firing pin block, and the “D” stands for de-cocker. When engaged, the de-cocking lever moves the hammer from single action position to half-cock position. The majority of RAMIs available have a thumb safety that allows the gun to be carried “cocked and locked,” but the de-cocker function is a more attractive choice, in my opinion.

The MSRP for the CZ RAMI BD is $680, but the average gun store price is around $550 for the thumb safety model. The CZ RAMI can be hard to locate locally. When a gun store gets one or two in stock, they are sold fast. Many people have to resort to online buying to purchase a CZ RAMI due its limited availability in the U.S. They are seldom seen on the used market. The average used price for a CZ RAMI is in the upper $400s, and they sell faster than the new models.

Being that the CZ RAMI is a sub-compact pistol, most shooters are interested in carrying the pistol, which would be a solid choice. It is quite stout with nice lines and built strong. Fully loaded with 10 rounds, it tips the scale at 30.25 ounces. It comes with 10- and 14-round magazines, which offers decent carrying capacity and spare mag choices. Also, the option of “half-cock” allows the carrier to avoid a full double action trigger pull for the first shot.

I took the CZ RAMI BD to the range with high expectations. Given the fact that it functions the same as the full-size CZ models, I expected great accuracy and reliability. Right out of the case, the CZ RAMI delivered. Using a center-hold, I was easily able to hit my targets from 13 then 20 yards. Transitioning from each target, the short single action trigger pull was crisp and smooth, which aided with accurate shooting. With the 14-round magazine inserted, the RAMI felt like a full-size handgun.

Check out the table and range reviews, and let us know your experience with the CZ 2075 RAMI or any other of the CZ models.

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