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How the new Beretta APX Compact compares to the FNS 9C

How the new Beretta APX Compact compares to the FNS 9C. (TheFIreArmGuy/YouTube)

Beretta recently released the APX Compact. The Beretta APX Compact is a smaller version of the full size APX that Beretta introduced in February 2017. Like most firearm manufacturers, Beretta released the full size model, gauged its success and then a year or so later, introduced the same gun with compact or sub-compact dimensions.

The Beretta APX Compact sports a 3.7-inch barrel, ships with two 13-round 9mm magazines and weighs just under 32 ounces loaded with 13 rounds. Much like its big brother, the APX Compact has full-length slide serrations that visually sets the Beretta APX apart from other handguns. The 6.25-pound trigger, three-dot sights, pictinny rail and grip texturing (minus the finger grooves) reflects the same features that many shooters enjoy with the full size Beretta APX.

Due to similar size, weight and features, I decided to compare the new Beretta APX with the FNS 9C. Both FN and Beretta firearms are made by well-respected companies that enjoy a fine reputation for quality made and reliable guns in the shooting world. These two compact size handguns measure up well.

When comparing firearms, it is important to spend a good amount of range time with each, and to fire them side-by-side to get a true feel of their similarities and differences. Comparing features is one thing but there is nothing like comparing each gun’s shooting accuracy, reliability, comfort and overall impressions. There is much to be gained by comparing the APX’s double action trigger with its trigger bar safety, versus the FN’s hinged trigger – even though they both measure the same trigger weight.

Check out the comparison video below and let us know if you like what Beretta did with the APX Compact along with which of these two handguns would you prefer.