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Kahr PM9 with 43,000+ rounds versus a brand-new Kahr PM9

A Kahr PM9 with 43,000 rounds versus a new Kahr PM9. (YouTube/The Firearm Guy)

For years, I have chosen a Kahr handgun to carry on a daily basis. Kahr makes the smallest and lightest pistols on the market, but they are also very well-built with strong materials that can take a beating. I carry a Kahr with the confidence in knowing the gun will function exactly as it is intended under all circumstances.

I recently had the opportunity to review a Kahr PM9 that has been owned for eight years by a gentleman who shot 43,000 rounds through the gun. Seems impossible, right? In retirement, some guys golf, some guys fish – but this guy shoots. He travels to Florida every summer with his favorite handguns, along with 7,500 rounds of ammo. He kept track of the round count that he shot through his Kahr PM9; let’s just say, it’s well over 40,000 rounds.

Being that I just got a brand new Kahr PM9, I figured it would be informative to compare the differences between an 8-year-old model and a brand-new Kahr PM9. At first glance, it was clear the older Kahr PM9 showed its age with slide wear, but that’s about it. The slide function, trigger pull and internal components looked almost identical to the new Kahr PM9.  The true test would be live shooting, so I took both Kahr PM9s to the range to fire them side-by-side in an attempt to feel a difference between the two. As I explain in the video, both the older and the new Kahr PM9s felt identical when shooting.

A common question that many people consider when purchasing a handgun is, what is the longevity of this gun? Most shooters want to know that their gun will withstand the rigors of thousands of rounds fired and yet perform well enough to carry the gun on a daily basis. Kahr handguns are well-built and extremely tough. The fact that this Kahr PM9 has been fired more than 43,000 times and still functions flawlessly speaks highly of the company and the quality of their pistols.

Watch the video below and let us know if you can tell a difference between the Kahr PM9 with more than 40,000 rounds through it and the brand-new model. Also, let us know your experiences with Kahr handguns and if the Kahr PM9 is a gun you are interested in.

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