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Desert Eagle ‘We The People’ custom engraved 1911

A custom Desert Eagle 1911 with laser engraving. (YouTube)

Magnum Research partnered with Outlaw Ordnance (a Cerakote and engraving company) to produce some to the most beautiful and patriotic 1911s I have ever seen. They used a Magnum Research Desert Eagle 1911C (C is for commander with a 4.3-inch barrel) and laser-engraved both sides of the slide, including a part of the barrel, and the aluminum grips. It is called the Desert Eagle “We The People” 1911.

Magnum Research makes some of the finest 1911 handguns in the business. I own the full-size Desert Eagle 1911G with a 5-inch barrel and the sub-compact Desert Eagle 1911U (undercover) with a 3-inch barrel. Although the size is different, the features and craftsmanship are incredibly similar. They are built tight, use a full-size stainless steel guide rod and offer textured G10 grips. Most notably, they each have a light 3.5-pound single action trigger pull that shoots so well at the range.

Outside of the custom engraving, the mid-size “We The People” Desert Eagle 1911 offers the same light trigger pull while sporting the full-length guide rod and the standard eight-round single stack 1911 magazine. It has a 4.3-inch bushing-less bull barrel, front slide serrations and in lieu of G10 grips, it has aluminum custom grips that are designed like nothing I have ever experienced.

The custom laser engraving and Cerakote finish is beyond amazing. The black matte frame with the battle-worn gray slide finish looks great, but the laser-cut wording is what makes this 1911 a one-of-a-kind. The right side of the slide states: “Our Right to Keep and Bear Arms Shall Not Be Infringed.” A part of that is inscribed on the barrel. The aluminum grips have the signatures from each of the men who signed the Declaration of Independence. Once again, this is custom work that has never been done before.

The guys at Outlaw Ordnance told me to not baby the gun and shoot it like any other pistol. They ensured me the custom work was strong and will not fade or chip away. I took it to the range with high expectations and it sure delivered. The “We The People” 1911 shot as accurately as my other Desert Eagle 1911s and I even compared the recoil differences with all three. Instead of explaining, I will let the video demonstrate how well the Desert Eagle 1911s performed.

Check out the videos included and let us know your thoughts on the Desert Eagle “We The People” 1911C.