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Army Ranger vet video ‘Conservative Comes Out’ goes instantly viral

Mat Best "comes out" as a conservative to his family. (YouTube)
April 02, 2018

Army Ranger veteran and social media star Mat Best released his latest video on Sunday titled, “Conservative Comes Out,” mocking people who are opposed to conservatives and who like to argue endlessly on the Internet without knowing what they’re actually talking about.

In the video, Best portrays a man who comes out to his family as a conservative who values the Second Amendment and the Constitution.

Immediately after telling his family that he is a conservative, his “father” goes off on an aggressive tirade about why he hates conservative viewpoints, including things that many non-conservatives assume to be true.

Best’s father accuses him of being a Nazi and a fascist, as well as being a racist and “misogynistic bigot” for his viewpoints.

According to dad, these viewpoints are causing violence and physical harm to the family – including the family pet, Mr. Whiskers, who is thrown across the room and killed. (Mr. Whiskers was not harmed in the making of the video.)

The drama continues as mom enters the conversation, pointing out how Best’s “coming out” immediately has affected his brother and sister – even causing his brother to become a suicide bomber.

To sum up the point of the video, Best says: “It’s amazing how violent people get when you’re just trying to articulate an opposing viewpoint.”

Known for his humorous military-related and American-themed videos, Best is a well-known social media star in the military community, with several videos reaching millions of people on Facebook and YouTube combined.

“Conservative Comes Out” already had nearly 120,000 views on YouTube by Monday morning. The video also had nearly 600,000 views on Facebook, and more than 23,000 reactions and 23,000 shares on Monday.

Watch his latest video here: