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Five handguns that are not ‘normal’

Taking a look at some "abnormal" handguns. (YouTube)

A normal or average gun is a compact size, magazine-fed pistol that is often carried and/or seen at the shooting range. A Glock 19, M&P 9 and an XD9 are considered average handguns that fit the profile of being “normal.” We have a clear expectation of a typical handgun looks like.

But, what about handguns that are not typical or normal? The type of handguns that are not often seen at the range? These guns do not fit the size, weight and function profile of what most people expect from a normal handgun.

I decided to go through my safes and pick out five guns that are considered “abnormal.”

These handguns range from a heavy 45/70 government load revolver that is typically chambered in hunting rifles, to a folding single shot .22 LR whose dimensions are the size of a credit card. How about a small derringer that is chambered in .45 ACP or a mini revolver that’s smaller than a candy bar? Is a Desert Eagle in .50 Action Express the type of standard handgun you see at your local range?

Many gun owners enjoy firearms that are different. The video below displays five handguns that are not considered “normal.” Check it out and let us know what handguns you have or have experienced that fit the abnormal category.