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The Desert Eagle 1911U (undercover) sub-compact 1911

This is a Desert Eagle 1911 Undercover, a lightweight (under 30 ounces loaded) 1911 pistol. (YouTube)
February 09, 2018

The 1911 pistol is the most copied handgun in the world. Most major firearm manufacturers and several smaller ones create their own version of 1911 pistols due to its popularity and the ability to customize the handgun with various upgrades, colors and enhancements. John Browning’s genius design that he created back in the year of 1911 found its way onto battlefields, shooting competitions, hips for carry, and collection showpieces throughout the world. Shooters love the sleek frame dimensions and the short single action trigger that makes the 1911 an incredibly accurate firearm. Top it off with custom work performed on the internal components, the frame and the grip, and 1911 pistols easily win over the hearts of millions of American shooters.

The most popular 1911 is the full-size government model with a 5-inch barrel chambered in .45 ACP. That was the original design in the year of 1911. Then came the 4- to 4.25-inch barrel Commander size that shortens and lightens the gun while keeping the basic original design in tact. In today’s world, we see 1911s in all sizes and calibers. Everything from 10mm pistols with a long 6-inch barrel to a sub-compact .380 ACP pistol that fits in the pocket for carry. Many traditionalists cry out “blasphemy,” but the firearm world seldom remains stagnant and the 1911 style of handgun is proof that any gun can be modified to various platforms.

The pistol featured in this review is a Magnum Research Desert Eagle 1911U in .45 ACP. The “U” stands for “undercover” due to its short slide and lightweight design. The stainless DE 1911U is a beautiful and sub-compact handgun that keeps to the traditional features of an original 1911 in a smaller package.  It has a short 3-inch barrel and an anodized aluminum frame, making it a stout but lightweight powerhouse for those who love to carry a 1911 handgun.

The Desert Eagle 1911U is a “70s” series 1911, which means it is based on the Colt models in the 1970s that did not include a firing pin block safety. In keeping the 1911 purists happy, a ’70 series is highly desired by allowing the single action trigger to break without any interference, resulting in an incredibly smooth trigger.

Being a fan, and somewhat addicted to beautiful 1911s, I’ve had my eye on this model for a while. Magnum Research produces some of the finest, smooth shooting and outright beautiful firearms in the industry. They understand the American shooter’s passion and know how to create guns to suit those desires. Magnum Research produces everything from various models of Desert Eagles chambered in .50 AE, .44 Magnum and .357 Magnum, to an amazing line of 1911 handguns that are “tops” in their class. They also make rifles, but that’s a different review for a different day.

The video below explains the features, along with range shooting that demonstrates how well this Desert Eagle 1911U is made and functions. Watch the video and let us know your thoughts and experiences with your favorite 1911 handgun.