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Here is North Korea’s attack on Trump’s State of the Union speech

Kim Jong Un (Zennie Abraham/Flickr)
February 05, 2018

North Korean state media has declared President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address as the “height of arrogance,” its state media reported Sunday.

“Trump described last year as a year fully recorded with incredible progress and extraordinary success,” a spokesman for the North Korean Foreign Ministry said, South Korean Yonhap News Agency reported. “This is indeed the height of Trump-style arrogance, arbitrariness and self-conceit.”

“The whole world is deeply concerned, seeing as an omen of new disaster the address of Trump who asserted ‘America First’ and ‘unmatched power’ based on nuclear weapons while forcing other countries to submit themselves to the U.S. chauvinistic interest,” the spokesman also said.

“Our self-reliant defense capability with the nuclear force as its backbone will, however, completely deter Trump and his lackeys from showing off on the Korean peninsula,” North Korea continued.

“If Trump does not get rid of his anachronistic and dogmatic way of thinking, it will only bring about the consequence of further endangering security and future of the United States,” it added.

This comes after President Trump addressed the nation in prime-time Tuesday night and gave his first State of the Union address as Commander in Chief.

In continuing his ethos and mission, “Make America Great Again,” the President lifted up America and called for a “new American moment.”

And, in the United States, “there has never been a better time to start living the American dream,” Trump said, noting that the economy has never been better.

Trump also pointed out that “no regime has oppressed its citizens more totally and brutally than the cruel dictatorship in North Korea,” which could “very soon threaten our homeland.”

The President also touted the American military and the United States’ plans to “modernize and rebuild” its nuclear arsenal.

“[…] Making it so strong and so powerful it will deter any acts of aggression by any other nation or anyone else,” Trump said. “Perhaps some day in the future there will be a magical moment when countries of the war will get together to eliminate their nuclear weapons. We are not there yet, sadly.”

The rhetoric out of Pyongyang is not unusual – North Korea dislikes when other countries talk about curtailing its nuclear ambitions, and Trump’s State of the Union address was likely no exception.

The North Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman said Trump was calling for “maximum pressure” in his speech, and “viciously” attacking North Korea’s “people-oriented system.”

North Korea’s statement also comes on the eve of the Winter Olympics in South Korea, which North Korea has said it will attend.