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Vehicle strikes barrier near White House, says US Secret Service

February 23, 2018

On Friday afternoon around 12:30 p.m. EST, a woman intentionally drove her vehicle into a security barrier at an intersection that abuts the White House grounds. The White House was locked down.

The woman is known to Secret Service and they believe this is a mental health issue, according to CNN. The CNN source also said they believe that the woman was not targeting President Donald Trump or anyone in general.

The Secret Service tweeted updates about the events, which are still under investigation.

They tweeted: “BREAKING: An individual driving a passenger vehicle struck a security barrier near the White House at 17th & E [street].”

Secret Service tweet (Twitter)


However, the vehicle did not breach the security barrier to the White House complex.

Secret Service tweet (Twitter)

The woman was immediately apprehended.

Secret Service tweet (Twitter)

No law enforcement were injured.

Secret Service tweet (Twitter)

And no shots were fired.

Secret Service tweet (Twitter)