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3 reasons not to ask gun store guys what gun to buy

February 06, 2018

I have had many good and positive interactions with guys who work at guns stores. These are people who are smart and educated about their products. If they do not know the answer to my question, they find someone else in the store who does. I know several people who I trust and they work with me to suit my needs. These are people who are passionate about guns and gear and are willing to share their knowledge with their customers. That’s good business.

Unfortunately, not all gun store employees are like that. Whether it’s a personal bias situation or a stubborn ego, several guys who work at gun stores need a reality check. Being a good salesman means listening to their customers desires, concerns and questions, and taking the time to explain educated answers. It does not mean telling the customers how to think and what they should buy in a condescending manner. We see this type of behavior far too often.

Those of us on social media attempt to bring all people into the gun world by positive and educated interactions. Most of us encourage others to get involved, seek out training and learn everything possible to purchase the best firearm to suit their needs. Being honest about products and explaining one’s thoughts allows the viewer to hopefully understand more about what would work for their individual preference. At that point, they should feel confident to take the next step and make a purchase. Then they drive to their local gun store and run into an biased-driven militant ego maniac who ruins everything. All the confidence instilled into that individual is gone. It can be very counter-productive.

I am often asked, what firearm do I recommend for carry, home defense, competition or for range practice? It’s a question that is very difficult to answer without finding out more information about that person’s preferences and experiences. When I hear a gun store guy tell people they need a brand-specific gun because everything else is garbage, I shake my head. Firearms have never been a “one size fits all” entity.

In the video below, I speak about three reasons not to ask gun store guys what to buy. I give three specific reasons why their opinions may not be in your best interest. Check it out and let us know your thoughts and experiences with your local gun store.

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