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Seecamp .32 ACP or .380 ACP – the ultimate pocket carry gun

The Seecamp LWS 32 is the "ultimate pocket carry gun." (YouTube)
January 09, 2018

Sometimes we find ourselves in a position where the clothes we are wearing do not suit the gun we are carrying. Of course, we know that we need to dress around our gun and not the other way around, but as easy as that sounds, there are times when a holstered gun on your hip just won’t work.

The question is, do you have an alternate firearm that can be carried with any style of clothes? Let me introduce you to the Seecamp LWS .32. The Seecamp LWS .32 is the smallest semi-auto pistol in today’s market that is super small and very light. To top it off, it features a completely snag-free all-metal stainless steel frame and slide.

People often ask me, what’s a quality made gun to carry when jogging, working out or one that will fit in the pocket but also allows room for other essentials? Without hesitation, I tell them to take a strong look at the Seecamp LWS .32 or LWS .380. The LWS .32 weighs just 12.75 ounces fully loaded with six rounds, and it’s so thin – with only a 2-inch barrel – that people often forget they have it in their pocket.

I often carry the Seecamp LWS .32 as a backup gun or for those gym shorts days when not much else will work. I use a $12 pocket holster and feel very equipped if I need to use it. It is also safe to carry because it sports a double action trigger that breaks at a hefty 11.5 pounds. The Seecamp models allow no excuses for people who value being armed yet find it uncomfortable to carry a gun in certain conditions or style of dress.

What good is a pocket gun if it doesn’t perform well? Not much, but rest assured the Seecamp models are very reliable. I’ve had my LWS .32 for more than a year and have hundreds of rounds through it, and am yet to have a failure of any kind. Being it’s the smallest blow-back pistol on the market, Seecamp has a list of ammo that performs well with the handgun, so I picked up some readily available PMC 60 grain jacked hollow points, and the gun performed flawlessly. I use Hornady XTP 60 grain jacketed hollow points and it runs 100-percent through the LWS .32.

The Seecamp LWS .32 is not the type of gun that you will use to shoot hundreds of rounds at the range. It’s a point and shoot or a “get off me” type of gun. I like to run through a couple boxes of ammo and enjoy the ping of my metal target with this gun. I think once you check one out for yourself, you will wonder why you didn’t get a Seecamp a long time ago.

Check out the table and range video, and let us know your thoughts and impressions of the Seecamp LWS .32.

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