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Report claims that British soldier used shovel to decapitate ISIS fighter

An ISIS fighter carries the Islamic State flag. (Wikipedia/Released)
January 09, 2018

A British SAS (Special Air Service) soldier who ran out of ammunition during a gun fight with ISIS in eastern Afghanistan decapitated an ISIS militant with a spade, or shovel, according to the Daily Star.

The soldier reportedly decapitated the charging ISIS militant with one swing of the shovel. After the soldier killed the ISIS militant, the soldier picked up the terrorist’s gun and fired at more ISIS fighters. Shortly afterward, U.S. troops moved in to help rescue the British soldiers.

Rupert Meyers (Twitter)

When the SAS was ambushed by ISIS and taking heavy fire, the British soldiers were forced to take refuge in a farm. The battle lasted six hours and left the SAS low on ammunition. They called for air support but did not receive a response.

“They made every bullet count and when they ran low on ammo, they waited for the jihadis to get close enough so they could be killed with grenades or using rifles as clubs – that was when one of the SAS managed to kill a man with a spade,” a source told the Daily Star.

According to the paper, the battle took place in late November following a meeting between SAS and former Taliban fighters working with the Afghan government.

The ISIS insurgents retreated after two U.S. Apache helicopters arrived. A Chinook then picked up and carried the SAS soldiers.