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Revolvers are amazing – watch this S&W model 686 wheel gun review

S&W 686 L-Frame Revolvers - Review & Shooting - TheFireArmGuy (YouTube)
December 29, 2017

At the 2018 shot show in Las Vegas, shooting enthusiasts will be running to the booths featuring the latest released semi auto handguns. It happens every year. As the majority of attention is given, from YouTube videos, website articles and Instagram photos of semi auto pistols, revolver enthusiasts sit back with a bowl of popcorn and watch the rat race take place.

The one point about revolver (or wheel gun) fans is that they are satisfied and complacent with their revolver models no matter how old they are. A quality made revolver typically stays in their owners possession or carry system for years. Most revolver fans never feel the need to run out and over pay for the newest released model because they know their classic and ultra reliable revolver handgun is all they will need for a quality shooting experience. Evidence of this concept is the used handgun market. As the over-priced semi auto pistols are being purchased, traded and reviewed, very seldom will you see these kind of transactions take place with revolvers. Actually, you hardly see them for sale on the used market.

So, what makes a revolver so special? First off, people love the historical classic look of a wheel gun. There is just something special about a deep blued or stainless revolver that is breathtaking. A beautiful revolver will catch the eye of anyone who appreciates a well crafted firearm. Couple that with a four to six inch barrel and you will shoot the flee off a stick from 40 yards.

Also, revolvers are easier to operate. No need to worry about magazine feeding problems or a bunch of buttons and levers with revolvers. They are simple point and shoot guns that many feel have a superior function compared to semi auto pistols. A revolver doesn’t rely on ammunition for the mechanical function to cycle a slide. Simply pull the trigger and watch the cylinder rotate to fire the next round. The revolver’s rotating cylinder action creates an incredibly reliable action that helps shooters feel comfortable for defensive purposes.

Revolvers fit the bill for a variety purposes. Whether it’s deep woods bear protection with a heavy magnum loads or a smaller pocket carry wheel gun for two legged animals, a quality made revolver will get the job done.

In the video, I feature two well made and very functional Smith and Wesson Model 686 L-frame .357 magnum revolvers. Both of these are beautiful stainless steel revolvers that have an excellent reputation in the wheel gun market. Shooters often mention the S&W Model 686 revolvers as some of the finest, most accurate and reliable revolvers ever produced. Check out the classic pre-lock (80’s model) S&W 686 along with the larger “Pro Series” S&W 686 revolver and let us know your thoughts on these incredible wheel guns.