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Huge Army-Navy hype video: Army wants to ‘massacre Midshipmen morale’

Knife hand (YouTube)
December 06, 2017

With both the Army and the Navy football teams getting ready to go head-to-head in one of the most historic rivalry football games this Saturday, the United States Military Academy released a short film showing Navy that Army is ready to beat them again.

In the video, Army leadership carry out “Operation Granite Saber,” a mission to steal Billy the Goat, the United States Naval Academy’s mascot.

Prior to the mission, the Army takes a few jabs at Navy by saying that the Army has better cadets, the Army boxing team is superior and that Army is on the “high ground” after beating Navy in last year’s football game.

With the help of parachutes, Army leadership drop into the United States Naval Academy. After landing, Army leadership mock Navy’s lack of security.

They then head over to the Office of the Commandant and Brigadier Gen. Steve Gilland, and they leave a sticky note on the office door that reads: “21-17 Gilland Beat Navy.”

They continue on with the mission and head over to steal Billy the Goat.

Instead, they encounter several midshipmen who proceed to mock Army’s losing record against Navy.

Enraged by the mocking, Command Sgt. Maj. Timothy Guden “disciplines with extreme prejudice.” Guden extends the knife hand while fellow Army leadership take cover, realizing what is about to happen.

In an instant, all of the midshipmen are vaporized and Army leadership are able to steal Billy the Goat.

At the end of the video, Army leadership show off Billy the Goat to hundreds of cadets.

Check out the amazing 10-minute mini film here: