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Grand Power Q100 – The pistol you need to check out

Q100 (YouTube)
December 21, 2017

One of my favorite handguns that I own is the Slovakian-made Grand Power X-Calibur. The X-Calibur is Grand Power’s finest 9mm pistol in its line of handguns. It was created for the competitive shooter, but anyone who digs a full size DA/SA pistol with incredible trigger and superior accuracy will love the X-Calibur. It’s the type of pistol I bring out and let friends shoot to get their thoughts and impressions. Let’s just say that upon shooting the X-Calibur, the vote is unanimous – shooters love it.

Grand Power took the positive features like the rotating barrel, light four-pound trigger pull and the same pin point accuracy of the X-Calibur and produced its first hammerless striker fired handgun and called it the Grand Power Q100. Albeit similar features, unlike the $800 price tag for the X-Calibur, the Q100 can be purchased for the mid $400s.    

The Grand Power Q100 is a polymer frame, compact size 9mm pistol with a 4.3-inch rotating barrel and a touch of class. It sports a polymer frame that is the same size as its big brother X-Calibur’s frame, except the thumb safety is removed and capped with a plug. The ambidextrous controls (both mag release and slide stop) offer lefties an equal playing field at the competition match or just plain fun at the range.    

Grand Power handguns are consistent and similar in many ways. They have a certain ergonomic comfort and shooting touch that feels common with their pistol models. The grip is moderately textured while offering a total of four different backstraps to custom fit each shooter’s hand size. They also share the same 15-round magazines with a rounded baseplate that rests the pinky finger for a full three-finger grip. Stepping away from Browning’s design, Grand Power’s rotating barrel, which mounts lower in the slide, allows for extremely smooth shooting and quick follow-up shots while eating up any recoil the 9mm has to offer.  

The Q100 has a trigger like none other I have felt before. I measure it precisely at four pounds, but other reviewers scale it right around 3.5 pounds. Enhanced with a trigger bar safety, the pull is short and crisp. Unlike most handgun triggers, where the shooter’s trigger travel hits a wall prior to firing, the Q100 trigger breaks with no wall or additional pressure. It has a steady and light pull through the entire travel before it breaks. It’s a pretty amazing trigger system, in this reviewer’s opinion.

At the range, the Grand Power Q100 performed excellent. I ran a couple hundred rounds through it without any issues to speak of. The trigger was just as sweet with live firing as it was when I dry fired the pistol approximately 400 times. Right out of the box, I was able to tag the 5-inc by 7-inch targets from 10 yards with ease. This is a simple point and shoot type of handgun that didn’t require a learning curve within the first couple mags.

Overall, I love owning the Grand Power Q100. It offers most everything I enjoy in a compact size polymer frame pistol. Sleek lines, decent magazine capacity, comfortable ergos, light trigger and completely well-balanced defines the Q100. To top it off, the shooting accuracy makes an average shooter feel like a professional.

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