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True story: ‘I thought he would stop but he kept coming at me’

Robber (Tobias "ToMar" Maier/Wikimedia)
November 22, 2017

Many people purchase a firearm with an unrealistic perception: they think that racking a shotgun or pointing a handgun at a criminal will be enough to thwart an attack. Evidence has proven that hardened criminals who are insistent on theft, rape, abduction or murder are not as fearful of a gun pointed at them as we think. We consistently read how ruthless thugs pursue their armed victims without the fear that rational, thinking people would have. In fact, many “experienced” criminals will viciously persist their motive even while staring down the barrel of a gun pointed at them.

To better understand this concept, we should first understand that many criminals do not think rationally. One of the main reasons for this could be illegal drug addiction. A cocaine or meth addict has one major thing on their mind – their next hit of drugs. To expect that motive to go away because you are armed is unrealistic. Most drug addicts enter the scene drugged up and feeling invincibly powerful and strong, which gives them the courage needed to kick in a door and enter a home. Many report they felt no intimidation, fear or pain when they were high on drugs. This “one-track” mindset creates a motivation and desire for their next hit that is stronger than rational people could imagine.

We see the same type of thinking with sexual predators. While including drugs or not, sexual predators become fixated on their next target, as well. Once again, to expect these people to have a compassionate bone in their body is faulty thinking. Their motivation for sexual dominance is far greater than rational thinking people consider. Add illegal drugs to the mix, and you have a drugged-up predator who will stop at nothing to get his way. It means nothing to them to illegally enter a home or kidnap a victim in public. To top it off, their experience with sexual crimes is far greater than your experience defending against it.

In the video, I am sharing explains a true story where a drug addict entered the home of a senior citizen. The older gentleman retrieved his gun and shot the intruder twice. He was quoted as say, “but he just kept coming.”  This pursuing mindset is the premise of this article. Many law-abiding people expect hardened criminals to have a rational fear of a gun pointed at them. Having that false perception leads us to further vulnerability.

The truth is, we need to prepare ourselves, with a gun, to defend against these raging maniacs. Watch the video below and let us know your thoughts and experiences about this topic.

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